make money pinning on pinterest

Make Money Pinning On Pinterest

If anyone told me 2 years ago that I could make money pinning on Pinterest, I would have laughed so hard and probably strained one of my vocal cords!

Now I know better, after years of trials and errors trying to learn everything about Pinterest, to actually make a living from it, I can honestly tell you that it is 100% possible for you too to start making money pinning on Pinterest!

Note: if you do not have PayPal in your country, don’t even bother reading this post, unless you’ve fallen in love with me somehow!

make money pinning on pinterest

Make Money Pinning On Pinterest

There are many ways to make money using Pinterest, in fact, I have an entire post on 9 different ways to make money on Pinterest, but for this post, we will be covering one of the easiest methods that can help you make your very first $100 dollars on Pinterest fast, even if you are a newbie.

Make Money Pinning On Pinterest Using Shopstyle

Shopstyle is a fashion, home decor, and makeup blog that has an affiliate program known as ShopStyle collective, you can earn commissions on ShopStyle collective from clicks and from sales. The earnings per click vary by brand and traffic sources, if you send clicks from the USA & UK, your earnings per click will be much higher than say, Asia or Africa.

Now don’t start getting ideas about sending paid traffic to ShopStyle cause you could get banned, they can actually track the source of your traffic. Another drawback is that you need to make at least 1 sale within 3 months of signing up with them or else your account will be terminated.

Now don’t worry, I will show you exactly how to start driving traffic and sales as fast as possible below. Before we begin getting our hands dirty, I want you to read this post on the 27 most popular niches on Pinterest and decide which one is right for you, but just remember, you only have 3 categories to work with when using ShopStyle.

What You Will Need

Next, I want you to create a free blog with blogger, WordPress, or Namecheap which will cost you around $30 dollars for a domain and hosting for one year if you don’t have one already. Just make sure to use one of the niches you decided upon from Pinterest.

Now go ahead and sign up for, it is a free site that you can use to create cool images for Pinterest and for your blog as well. If you do not know how to use Canva, you can watch this beginner tutorial here. You also need to convert your Pinterest account to business which takes like 2 seconds to do.

You need to verify your website and set up rich pins, this is what will help rank your pins high up on the Pinterest search for your keywords. So if you are completely new to this whole Pinterest thing, you can refer to this post here which will teach you how to set up your Pinterest account the right way.

Now that you have all of the above covered, you need to sign up for ShopStyle collective here, and use your blog URL or your Pinterest profile URL if they request one. Check your email and activate your account.

Pinterest SEO

So this is where it gets really interesting, Pinterest SEO, this is actually the most important part of it all, to make money pinning on Pinterest, you need to do keyword research. Now I know this is usually a painful task but I am gonna simplify the entire process for you.

The trick is to look for long-tail keywords because they will be less competitive. Targeting short keywords will take you years to rank in a Pinterest search unless you use idea pins. Let’s say you are in the shoes for women niche and you want to promote high heels, go to Pinterest and type “high heels” in the search bar and hit enter:

looking for keywords to make money on pinterest

Now you have 2 choices, start adding more keywords to your initial search term by clicking on the colorful bubbles, or choose one of the options Pinterest recommends. Using the bubbles, try a longtail keyword like “classy black high-heel sandals” to create your product pin around.

You can also use Pinterest categories and ideas to see what’s already working in your niche so that you can replicate the system. Here’s how:

Go to and choose your niche. Once it opens up, scroll down and see what’s trending in your space to get ideas on what’s working well. If you want to niche down even further, try searching for your targeted keywords by typing in

Lastly, make sure to add your pins to relevant boards and try using video pins of your product in action when possible.

Creating Content

Now, this is the hard part, creating content, although you have the option to pin your products directly from ShopStyle to Pinterest,  I recommend creating a blog post for your products and then adding it to Pinterest. You see, Pinterest favors pins that are from a verified blog that has rich pins enabled than it does ordinary pins.

Rich pins tend to rank well for low and high competition keywords within 3- 5 days of pinning, also you increase your chances of making a sale if you have more than 10 products within one blog post. That said, you can still rank for low competition keywords without rich pins, I do it all the time, in fact, one of my viral pins was products from amazon that I created an infographic for and pinned it using my affiliate link.

But that was about 6 months ago, things have changed a lot on Pinterest since then. So don’t be lazy and create a blog post, you’ll thank me later :0) Use your keywords in your blog post title and in your image’s alt text, this is very important, add some extra keywords in your images alt text as well, this will increase your reach further, but don’t overuse it.

Creating Images

Remember I told you to signup for Canva? Well, it’s time to use it but hold your brakes, you need sizes for your images, the right sizes for Pinterest are 600 x 900 pixels and 564 x 1024 if you want more engagements and repins. Use bold colors high definition images from free sites like Pixabay and Pixlr.

Once you have created your images, add them to your blog post and pin them to Pinterest, I recommend you create at least 10 images per post and they should all have your alt text within them. Add a nice description to your pin, explaining what your pin is all about, remember, Pinterest cannot see the image but they can read the text, so explain to them what your image is about using your keywords.

Now pin your images to Pinterest, and save them to as many group boards as you possibly can, rinse and repeat the process and this is how to make money pinning on Pinterest G!!!

Create a blog post with your affiliate links from ShopStyle, create cool images, add your keyword, pin them to Pinterest, save them to group boards, and voila, you drive traffic to your blog post, people click on the products, even if they don’t buy, you get paid!


Now that we have covered the right way to make money pinning on Pinterest, I think it is only fair to you by saying that if you want to start making money faster, pin your products directly from ShopStyle to Pinterest and save them to as many group boards as you possibly can. You can watch this video on how to do it all below:

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