How To Use Reddit For Your Blog Traffic

How To Use Reddit For Your Blog Traffic

Getting traffic to your blog from Reddit is so easy but yet, I don’t see many bloggers using it or talking about it! In this post, I will show you step by step how to use Reddit for your blog and start driving the traffic you deserve.
Reddit is very powerful and if you follow the tips in this post, you will see results as soon as possible.

Please note that I do not guarantee your Reddit success or even if you will get a single visitor to your blog! That being said, let’s get this party started!

How To Use Reddit For Your Blog Traffic

How To Use Reddit For Your Blog

For you to start getting traffic to your blog from Reddit, it will take you a week to set everything up. Everything is easy but generating enough karma is the most important and hardest part of it all, don’t worry though, I’ve got you covered.

Before we move on, here is one of my daily Reddit stats to one of my blogs so that you see that Reddit traffic is possible:

Create A Reddit Account

Creating a Reddit account is very easy and will take you less than 5 minutes. Click this link to set up your account. If you already have a Reddit account, you can skip this step. Choose to signup with your Google account or use an email address:

How To Use Reddit For Your Blog Traffic

Next, you want to choose a username that best describes you, your business and choose a password:

Reddit also gives you the option to choose from different usernames that they have picked out for you, if you have something else in mind, you can skip this step and click on signup:

how to use reddit for your blog traffic

After signing up, Reddit will give you the option to follow some of the top subreddits on the platform, I recommend you follow them all because you will need them later on for generating karma. Once you join them, click on finish:

use reddit for blog traffic

Lastly, you will need to go and verify your email address so that you are able to set up your profile:

Set Up Your Profile

To set up your profile on Reddit, simply click on the downwards arrow in the upper right-hand corner of your screen and click on profile:


Next, you want to add your profile banner and you can choose to create an avatar or add a real picture to your profile by clicking on the little image boxes:

Next, you need to click on the little settings icon to fill out your description:

On the next page, you can change your display name and add a description of you and your business:

Reddit will automatically save your changes for you as you change them. Below is what people will see when they visit my Reddit profile and yours should look similar as well:

I recommend you be transparent with your description but you don’t need to explain too much. You can also use any username you like because Redditors don’t really care what you’re called as long as you provide them value.

Join Subreddits In Your Niche

Next, you want to join as many subreddits in your niche as possible, you also want to begin commenting every hour or so just to gain momentum. I recommend you start slowly because you don’t want to upset the mods.

To find subreddits in your niche, simply click on the Reddit logo to get you to the front page and type in your search term>hit search. I will be using travel as my search term since I am in the Lifestyle niche:

Next, you want to filter your search by communities and join the ones with the most followers.

reddit traffic

You can also open each subreddit individually, view the discussions, read the rules before you join them and start commenting: You can open the subreddit in a new tab by right-clicking on the name of the subreddit.

Join Huge Subreddits

Since you already joined a ton of subreddits while signing up, you can start commenting on them right away by going to your front page and finding posts that interest you:

I recommend you join subreddits like Be amazed, Interestingasf*, Oddly satisfying, Mildy interesting, Danmthatsinteresting, Entertainment, Public freakouts, etc.

The reason you need to join these subreddits is that you want to grow your karma by sharing relevant content. More on that below:

Always Read The Rules

Make sure to read the rules of every subreddit you join and keep them sacred. Not following the rules will get you banned and in some cases, lead to the complete shutdown of your entire account.

To read the rules of a subreddit, enter it, and on the lower right-hand corner, you will find the rules;

Generate Karma

Everything is karma on Reddit, the more karma you have, the more respect Redditors will have for you. You get karma by gaining upvotes, you get upvotes by posting valuable content.

The trick is finding the right posts for the right subreddits, posting when Redditors are online and you will be able to get all the karma you need in the world.

Karma is also necessary for posting, some subreddits won’t allow your links if you don’t have enough karma.


Most subreddits will not allow you to submit posts if you don’t have a certain amount of karma therefore you have to try your hand at cross-posting.

Simply find the most popular video or image on Reddit by going to the Reddit front page, filtering by hot:

Crosspost that viral post to another relevant subreddit.

For this post, it was originally posted in Damnthatsinteresting so I will crosspost it to a similar subreddit such as Beamazed or mildly interesting:

Once you click on crosspost, you will have the option to choose a subreddit, type in the name of the subreddit if it is not already on your list:

You also want to change the title of the post as well before crossposting:

Next, scroll underneath the post and choose a flair if the flair option is highlighted then click on “post”.

If the post has not already been shared into that subreddit, it will be allowed and you will start getting upvotes asap. Mine was accepted and I got my first upvote just from posting:

Update: I went back to check my stats after 12 hours of crossposting the video above and I had almost 1000 upvotes on the video, 2 awards, and 536 karma!

Finding Posts For Karma

To find the right post for the right subreddit, simply join the subreddit and see what is trending within that subreddit. In my experience, videos that are touching, and make people happy or sad do very well on Reddit.

Once you find something that is getting a lot of upvotes, you want to go onto youtube shorts or TikTok and download something similar. Upload your videos to the subreddit and make sure to add the name of the account you got the video from. You can start getting karma and upvotes from the moment you post.

Google Trends & News For Traffic

Now here is where the good stuff happens! You see Reddit is all about the news, if you share content that is trending on Reddit, newsworthy content, you will get traffic. This is why you need to use Google Trends or Google news.

I just found a new post on Google news that was shared 21 minutes ago from CNN:

To share this post on Reddit, simply open the link and copy it>go back to Reddit and find a relevant subreddit like news or weather and share it: Go to reddit>search for the subreddit you want to share in>click on share link>paste your url>wait for the title to update>click on post:

Search for your niche in Google trends: See what’s trending in the real-time searches section>sort by 24 hours and rewrite that content as fast as possible.

Once you do, rewrite the newest content as fast as possible, share it on Reddit and if the news is fresh and has not been shared already, your site will break down from the traffic you will get.

For this to work though, you always need to be on the watch for breaking news in your niche. Trust me, it’s not hard to rewrite newsworthy content, you can have it done in less than 20 minutes. There are also content ai generators that you can use to rewrite your content for you to share in less than 3 minutes.

How To Use Reddit Effectively

Now a lot of marketers use Reddit to grow their websites and blogs and they swear by the fact that to use Reddit effectively, you should create and grow your very own subreddit. That way, you have control over what and when to post your links to your audience.

I agree with them but it takes a very long time to grow a successful subreddit that’s why I recommend you create one as soon as you have enough karma and set it aside as a long-term strategy. Sharing quality posts for the Reddit audience will grow your karma and followers.

Once you have enough followers, you can invite them to join your subreddit. For this to work though, you can only share content that is related to your niche because your followers won’t like it if you start sharing unrelated content.

Reddit For Bloggers

So in most cases, you may not find a quality subreddit that is related to your blog niche and even when you do, they won’t allow you to post your articles. So what can you do about it?

Well, here is a strategy that works like a charm, you use content ai to rewrite your article and share the article into those relevant subreddits as posts instead of links. Next, you insert links to other posts on your blog that are helpful and relevant to your article.

Make sure to use anchor text instead of raw links within the article, that way, it looks natural and will be allowed by the subreddit and readers.

I am going to use this section above as an example of how you would share it on Reddit for your blog post, note: I am using this exact text above but you would want to rewrite it:

Go to reddit>search for subreddit>select post format>add title>add text>insert links to other posts on your site>add flair>post to subreddit:

Posting Articles On Reddit

I highly recommend that you never copy and paste your article from your blog directly onto Reddit, you should always use an article spinner or rewrite a part of the article before sharing it on Reddit. Copying and pasting your article directly onto Reddit will hurt your SEO with Google.

How To Use Reddit For Your Blog Traffic

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