how to make pinterest idea pins

How To Make Idea Pins On Pinterest For Millions Of Impressions!

If you want to learn how to make idea pins fast using a desktop, you are in the right place! In this post, I will be showing you how you can put together idea pins in less than 10 minutes using a completely free tool. Let’s get this party started!

Since short-form video took the internet by storm, every major platform like Youtube, Google & Facebook is finding ways to introduce video to their audience. Pinterest is certainly no different that’s why they have idea pins. Stick around and let me show you how to start creating stunning idea pins!

how to make pinterest idea pins

How To Make Idea Pins On Pinterest

Idea pins are soo easy to make, depending on your niche, you can simply put together a few slides of information, add a little music and you will be well on your way with your idea pins. But is that all there is to it? Of course not! If you are not strategic in choosing the right keywords for your idea pins, they just won’t get the right exposure!

I have idea pins that have gotten millions of views, clicks, and impressions and gained me a lot of followers, while others just fell flat on their faces. I am going to show you my idea pins stats below so that you trust me enough to follow my tips!

This is just one of my idea pin stats, the percentages are low because I have not created idea pins in over a month but they will go back up as soon as I do:

idea pins

Here is another one below, note that these 2 idea pins brought me over 800 followers and 3k visits to my profile:

idea pins tutorial

Here is one that didn’t do so well:

idea pin stats

I have tried and tested so many idea pins across my different Pinterest accounts since they rolled out this feature and I can honestly say that if you follow the tips below, you will see some huge results fast. Please note that not all your idea pins will do well, it’s just the way it is but don’t give up though.

Idea Pins vs Pins

Idea pins are simply short-form videos similar to TikTok, Youtube shorts, and Instagram reels, while pins are static images that can be linked back to a blog, shop, or affiliate product.

With idea pins, you can record short videos of yourself talking, record your surroundings, and upload existing videos from your gallery or from your computer. You can choose to add music to your idea pins and add text plus emojis if you are on mobile while uploading.

You can also use tools like Canva to create stunning idea pins on your desktop and upload them to Pinterest. Idea pins help you gain exposure on Pinterest and grow your followers really fast. While regular pins help you gain traffic to whatever you want outside of Pinterest.

The downside of idea pins though is that you cannot add links to them which means, you won’t be able to generate traffic back to your blog, shop, or products like regular pins. Does that mean they are worthless? Of course not!

Idea pins can grow your followers and overall exposure on Pinterest! When you have enough followers, your regular pins get shown to them when you publish. Also, when you publish idea pins to a board, your regular pins on that board get pushed up in Pinterest search results.

How To Guarantee A Viral Idea Pin

To guarantee a viral idea pin, you never want to go in blind! You always want to do your research! Keyword and trend research is essential for the success of your idea Pin. This is top secret information I am about to give you, bloggers are making so much money selling this information! Use it wisely!

To do your research, go to the Pinterest predict report and locate your niche>filter by category>select your niche:

idea pins tips

So I chose the finance niche to use as an example and here are the up-and-coming search terms for the finance niche. This is what Pinterest predicts people will be searching for in 2022:

You want to create idea pins using these keywords that Pinterest has predicted for you! You see, Pinterest wants fresh and new content for the platform. They also want engaging content so if you can have it all in one full package, you are creating a recipe for success with idea pins.

Another method I use to find keywords for my viral idea pins is by using the Pinterest trends and searching for your niche. Type in your niche and see what is being searched for on Pinterest. For this example, I searched for “personal finance”:

As you can see, there are no real dips but the graph is stable. Once you find a stable graph, look below it to see other related keywords that are trending:

You can click on each keyword to see the graph for it as well:

As you can see, saving money tips has a lot of search volume, and people it is trending on Pinterest! you want to go on to Pinterest and see if there are other idea pins using your keywords. The search brought up 3 idea pins for the keyword but they do not contain exact match keywords:

This means that you have a chance to rank high for your keywords due to less competition.

Another effective method you can use to find trending keywords in your niche is by choosing your niche from the Pinterest category page>scrolling down>trending searches:

You can open each search term separately to see if there are already idea pins for those keywords, get ideas on how to create your own, and also check each one using the Pinterest trends tool.

I recommend you also create idea pins for long-tail keywords in your niche. Those keywords would have very low competition and almost always won’t have idea pins in the search results.

Once you gather your keywords, you want to create idea pins using those exact keywords in your title and description plus you need to save it to a relevant board.

Pinterest Idea Pin Tutorial

Now that you know how to do your keyword research for a successful idea pin, your next step is to search for your keyword to see which idea pins are doing well for those keywords and try to create something similar. You will also need to read Pinterest tips on idea pins here before proceeding.

Next, you can head on over to create a free Canva account and create your idea pin. Pinterest recommends you use 1080×1920 pixels for idea pins. Once you are in Canva, click on custom size:

Pinterest idea pin size

Next, you want to name your project using your targeted keywords, this is important because you want to embed your keywords into the file.

idea pin tutorial

Next, add a grid to your canvas by going to elements>grids>choose the first grid>click and drag unto your canvas:

You can create using videos from the video option in Canva or upload your own videos. You can also create animated slides and combine them into an mp4 video.

Let’s create an idea pin using slides, after adding the grid to your canvas, click on the little image icon in the upper left-hand corner of your screen, select the color you want to use:

Now, we want to add text, to do this, click on the text in the left sidebar and drag it onto your canvas: For this idea pin, I used 2 fonts. Next, you can change the duration of each slide, I recommend using 5 seconds for each slide if there are not many words.

You can also animate each slide by clicking on the animate option. Once you are done, click the little plus sign over the slide to add a new slide or the option next to it to duplicate your slide.

So I created 10 slides about 10 blogging tips for beginners, now I want to add music to my slides, Canva makes it very easy, simply click on audio, pick the one you like and simply click on it. The audio will automatically be added to fit the duration of your slides.

Next, you want to download your idea pin by going to the upper right-hand corner of your screen and clicking on share>download>mp4>all pages>download:

To view the idea pin we just created, follow this link to my Pinterest profile:

Let’s try the second option, let’s say your post is about the best berries for weight loss, download your videos from Pexels and upload them to Canva before you start creating:

Now, add a grid to your canvas, create your cover image for your video. You want to use vibrant colors and bold text. Add a grid, insert your image plus text and add a new page by clicking the little plus sign above the image:

Next, select the video tab to find videos to use for your slides. You can also find videos in your niche on Pexels to use for free. When you add a new slide, delete the background and add a new grid for your videos. You can duplicate your grid canvas before adding content for your next slide:

You can add your videos to each slide and add text for more context. Once you are done, choose your music by clicking on the audio tab above the video tab to add sound to your video. Clcik share>download>all pages>download to get your file.

Why You Can’t Create Idea Pins

You won’t be able to create idea pins if you reside in countries that are not yet supported by Pinterest but you can simply overcome this if you have a business account and if you change your country’s location to one of the supported locations. You can also request access to idea pins here.

Simply go to settings>personal information>change country:

You can also convert your account to business by going to settings>account management>convert to business:

Best Tips For Uploading Idea Pins

Save at least 1 idea pin per month. Add your exact keywords to your idea pin title, choose the right boards for your idea pin, and add notes about your idea pin when uploading to Pinterest to increase your exposure.

You should also add tags to your idea pins to increase your reach.


So here is a recap of what we discussed above. Do not use idea pins blindly, do your keyword research, use Pinterest predicts, use Pinterest trends, see what idea pins are doing well in your niche and create similar ones. Create idea pins for longtail keywords in your niche and use exact match keywords in your pin titles.

I would love to hear your thoughts and successes with idea pins in the comments. Don’t be shy, leave a note. You can also follow me on Pinterest if you like reading my posts. Until next time, please stay awesome!

How To Make Idea Pins On Pinterest

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