How To Get More Saves On Pinterest

How To Get More Saves On Pinterest

Wanna learn how to get more saves on Pinterest? Well, keep on reading! In this post, I will show you exactly how to get more saves on Pinterest without spending a single cent! It may not be easy in the beginning but if you follow these steps and take action, you will see results.

I have used these tips and tricks for years and they have worked so well for me and my blogs, therefore, I can honestly say that if you take action and do the work, you will make Pinterest work for your business!

How To Get More Saves On Pinterest

How To Get More Saves On Pinterest

Your aim is to get clicks on Pinterest, the more eyes you have on your content and offers, the more money you make! It’s that simple! But getting saves on Pinterest is as important as getting clicks!

You see, the more saves you get on Pinterest, the more you will be able to increase your reach. When someone saves your pin to their board, the follower of that board gets shown your pin.

This expands your reach to a much larger audience. Imagine someone who has over a million followers save your pin to their profile, think about that kind of exposure right?

When your pins are saved to boards around a certain topic that has followers on Pinterest, it doesn’t matter what niche that board is in, your pins get shown to the followers of that niche as long as it is a topic.

Your pins are also ranked for other keywords that you were not targeting depending on the board that it was saved to. So you see, there are so many benefits of getting saves on Pinterest!

With all that out of the way, I don’t want to waste your time on Optimizing your Pinterest account, profile, and boards for SEO. You can read it all here if you don’t know how to set it all up.

Audience Interest

So a lot of times I see Pinterest profiles with hundreds of thousands of followers with very low monthly impressions, do you know why this happens? It’s because the owner of the account is not listening to their audience!

Yes, it may be caused by inactivity but inactivity will slightly lower your impressions not wipe them out almost completely. I don’t care how many followers you have on Pinterest, if they are not interested in your content, they will not save it and Pinterest will stop showing it to them.

Pinterest is getting smarter when it comes to giving its audience what they want. With over 400 million monthly users, relevant content is limited and if you can fill that gap ( more on that below) it could be a game-changer for you!

You need to listen to your audience and give them what they want if you want to increase your saves on Pinterest: Go to analytics>audience’s insights:

pinterest analytics

Now filter by affinity to see how high the likelihood of your audience will be interested in a particular topic or category. Choose topics with a high affinity that is relevant to your niche and start creating content for more saves and engagement :

So let’s say my account niche is weight loss, my audience interest shows that 80% of my audience is interested in food and drinks and health while the highest affinity percentage is interested in finance.

Naturally, I would create content around health or food and drinks for weight loss instead of finance because it’s just not related to my niche.

So by clicking on a relevant topic with a high affinity, it will also give you data on what topics and keywords that particular audience is highly interested in:

This is where you can decide which keywords or topics fit your niche and are still relevant to your audience to create content around.

Use Pinterest Predicts

If you were a business, would you invest in a product that you didn’t believe in? I am sure your answer is a huge NO right? Well, Pinterest has something called Pinterest Predicts. It’s a collection of data on future trends.

They spend a lot of money each year collecting data on the future, This is because they want to stay ahead of the game. They want the platform to be exciting and provide the best user experience and shopping recommendations.

With that being said, they also want variations, yes, e-commerce products will get a front-row seat in search but they want different types of content as well.

And guess who they need to provide variation for them? YOU! The content creator, so they give you, Pinterest predicts to use for content creation.

So go to Pinterest predicts, find your niche by filtering by category:

See which topics and keywords are predicted to trend in your niche, and create content using those keywords:

Please note that Pinterest predictions are for future trends, therefore you will need time to start ranking and getting saves on Pinterest but it is definitely worth it in the long run if you are the first to create content around these terms!

Use Pinterest Trends

Similar to Pinterest predictions, Pinterest trends are just as important and you need to use them if you want to get more saves on Pinterest. See what’s trending in your niche and create content around those keywords but don’t just stop there, do the longtail keyword dance. 

To find long-tail keywords using the Pinterest trends, search your seed keyword>without clicking “enter” scroll down>click on the longer version of your keyword below. Now click on one and let it open up in a new tab, for this example, I used the keyword “snack” I got results for “snacks for diabetics”:

You want to see the trends for that keyword, if it’s on the upwards, you want to copy and paste your keywords onto Pinterest to find other longtail keywords:

Now, click on each of the little colorful boxes separately to see which one brings back results that are not relevant to your search phrase. If you can find keywords with little to no relevant results, you have a winner!

Fill A Gap

By filling a gap I mean, provide where there is none! Similar to Google, Pinterest is a search engine that provides image results. They need to provide the most relevant result to a search query. Most content creators target short-tail keywords which are highly competitive.

You won’t be able to rank for “best blogging tips” as a new blogger, you need to go for long-tail keywords because there aren’t enough results for Pinterest to serve, they are less competitive and you will rank higher even if you are new!

Create Videos

Pinterest used to be an image-only search engine but that is not the case anymore! Videos and idea pins do so much better nowadays on the platform. They get shown to a broader audience so if you want to increase your saves on Pinterest, try creating more video pins instead of standard pins.

Video pins are linkable therefore you can generate clicks from them, unlike idea pins. 

Create Infographics

There’s just something about infographics that catches the eye and provide instant gratification! People love to consume information in the shortest amount of time possible. If they can refer to that information almost instantly, it’s like money in their pockets!

Infographics do very well on social media when you present them correctly! They do extremely well on Pinterest when it comes to generating saves! Create as many infographics as you possibly can when starting out to expand your reach!

Create Idea Pins

When it comes to getting a lot of saves on Pinterest, idea pins are #1 on my list! They are extremely powerful for generating impressions, followers, and saves on Pinterest!

The problem with idea pins though, they are not linkable, therefore, they won’t get you traffic to a blog post but they will get people to visit your profile which increases the chances of your standard pins and videos getting seen. Learn how to create ideas pins correctly for millions of impressions on Pinterest.


Paying attention to your audience’s interest, using Pinterest Prediction, using Pinterest trends, filling in the gap, creating videos, infographics, and Idea pins are the best ways to get saves on Pinterest. If you found this post helpful, save it for later. You can also follow me on Pinterest for more helpful posts!

How To Get More Saves On Pinterest

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