How To Get More Impressions On Pinterest

How To Get More Impressions On Pinterest

Want to learn how to get more impressions on Pinterest, read on because, in this post, I will show you the fastest way to start growing your impressions for free without paying a dime.

It used to be so easy to generate clicks and engagement on Pinterest, you could put up a pin and almost instantly start to see some action. Gone are those days! Nowadays, it’s all about giving Pinterest what they want to get what you want!

How To Get More Impressions On Pinterest

How To Get More Impressions On Pinterest

Following the tips below will help you increase your Pinterest impressions easily. On Pinterest, it’s all about strategy and Seo. If you can master both, you have a chance at making Pinterest work for you!

Pinterest SEO

First of all, leys talk about your Pinterest strategy, you should focus a lot of your effort on optimizing your Pinterest account for SEO. Naming your boards correctly using topics, using trending keywords from those topics in your pin title and descriptions will get your posts seen by the right audience.

Without adding SEO to your pinning strategy, you are predicting the downfall of your pins. I cover everything you need to know about using Pinterest step by step correctly to help you build a strong Pinterest foundation.

Pinterest Trends

Pinterest wants fresh content but not the way you hear Pinterest experts preaching about it by creating new pins for old content. Pinterest wants you to create fresh, new, and trending content.

That’s why they spent a lot of money creating the Pinterest trends tool so that content creators can use it to predict what their audience wants. Please note that the Pinterest trends tool, it is used mostly for content planning.

Let’s say you create social media marketing content, you can view the graphs in the results by clicking on each  keyword to see when those keywords will be trending so that you create your content beforehand:

To use the tool correctly, type in your seed keyword>scroll down and find longtail keywords>create idea pins for those exact keywords because they rank faster:

If you are not creating trending content regularly on Pinterest, you are limiting your reach and preventing your impressions from increasing.

Pinterest Predicts

Similar to Pinterest trends, Pinterest predicts is a yearly report that Pinterest creates for creators to predict what Pinners will be searching for in the future.

Taking advantage of the Pinterest predicts report and creating content using keywords from the report will help your account explode. Go to Pinterest prediction tools>filter by category>choose your niche:

Again, new, fresh, and trending content should be your strategy. Choose the predictions in your niche>copy the keywords>create content:

Idea Pins

Every time a social platform comes up with a new tool or option, they try to promote that tool because they want people to use it. You as a content creator get paid to use that tool, your payment is exposure! Idea pins are similar to youtube shorts, Instagram reels, and TikTok videos.

Similar to youtube shorts, your idea pins are shown to everyone in your niche if they want to see them or not. This is because Pinterest wants to move the platform towards short-form video content instead of static pins.

If you create idea pins using Pinterest trends and Pinterest predictions, you will get all the impressions you need in the world! I love idea pins because they help me get a lot of followers on Pinterest for free! Learn how to use idea pins to get millions of impressions.

Be Active

As with every social media platform, you need to be active to see results. Pinterest has a free scheduler that you can use to schedule your pins. Click on create pin>upload your pin>at the bottom click on save at a later date>choose your date>add the rest of your pin info>click save:

how to get more impressions on pinterest

Saving up to 5 pins per day is amazing and will increase your monthly impressions on Pinterest. Make sure never to save the same link twice in one day. You also want to refrain from pinning the same pin to different boards, always create new pins for existing links and choose your boards wisely.

Niche Down

I highly recommend niching down and sticking to one category or topic for a while on Pinterest until your account grows, if you create content around a single topic, you are forcing the algorithm to rank you above your competitors for your keywords because you will be seen as dominant in that niche.

You can always move on to something else later on down the road.

What Are Pinterest Impressions

Impressions are added to a pin on Pinterest every time it is viewed, clicked on, scrolled by, and every time it shows up in Pinterest search results. A pin does not have to be clicked on to generate impressions. When your pins get impressions, those impressions are added to your profile.

So are Pinterest impressions useless? Yes and no! (more on that below) You need to be worrying about your outbound clicks, not impressions. Some people get millions of impressions on their profiles and little outbound clicks while others get fewer impressions with hundreds of thousands of outbound clicks to their blogs.

Why Are Impressions On Pinterest Important

To answer your question, the only real value you get from Pinterest impressions as a content creator is data. It helps you understand how well your pins are getting shown on Pinterest. It shows the level of activity on your profile and lets you know that Pinterest is actually promoting your content to its viewers.

It also shows that you are doing something right. Once your impressions begin to drop, it’s also a way for you to tell that something is wrong. You definitely need to pay attention to your monthly impressions on Pinterest.

Reasons Why Pinterest Impressions Drop

You don’t always have to be afraid when you see a little drop in your Pinterest impressions. It could be caused by a new Pinterest update, seasonal content on your profile that is no longer trending, you are not pinning actively or you’ve moved away from niched-down content.

You should only worry if you see a sudden huge dip in your impression because this could indicate that someone has reported one of your pins, your most popular pin has been stolen, your account has been shadowbanned, your account is under review for not following Pinterest guidelines or your account is about to be suspended!


Including Pinterest SEO in your pinning strategy, using Pinterest trends and Pinterest prediction tools, creating idea pins, staying active, and niching down on Pinterest are the best ways to get more impressions on Pinterest fast!

If you like this post, please share it and I would love to hear your tips and tricks on getting Pinterest impressions in the comments below.

How To Get More Impressions On Pinterest

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