How To Get Clicks On Pinterest

How To Get Clicks On Pinterest

Learn how to get clicks on Pinterest For free using the best tips and tricks that no one shares for free! You may already know that my aim is to provide the best information free of charge to anyone who needs it!

I have been using Pinterest for traffic generation for over 8 years not, I have gained millions of clicks to my blogs and have been there every time Pinterest made a change.

I have spent countless sleepless nights gathering information and data from testing and trying so I think I am qualified to help you take your Pinterest game to the next level!

How To Get Clicks On Pinterest

How To Get Clicks On Pinterest

It used to be so easy to get clicks from Pinterest but gone are those awesome days! Is it still possible to make Pinterest work for your blog traffic? Hell yeah! But you need to work strategically. Your first step is to clean up your Pinterest profile, optimize for SEO and consider adding idea pins to your Pinterest game. 

Idea pins will not get you clicks but they will increase your followers, impressions, good standing with Pinterest, and overall account performance. When you add idea pins to a board with static pins, those static pins get pushed up in Pinterest search.

Here are some of my pins stats on Pinterest for one of my blogs. You will see that these stats are for standard pins and not idea pins. Also notice that everything is organic. I do not pay for ads on Pinterest.

get clicks on pinterest

Below are my monthly impressions and engagements from the last 30 days:

I am using the exact strategies in this post to get these results so I highly recommend you use these tips.

Color Of Your Pins

The color of your pin will make or break your game! You see, not all colors do well on Pinterest, after years of testing and trying pins, I can honestly say that dominant colors do very well. Colors such as red, orange, green, hot pink, yellow, purple, and blue get more clicks compared to pale and less dominant colors.

Although this is true for most niches on Pinterest, it may be different for your specific niche therefore research is necessary. Consider doing your research and seeing which colors show up #1 for your keywords on Pinterest before you even begin creating a pin.

You never want to go in blind, use the data that Pinterest gives you. You want to ride the wave not create the breeze. ( lol, I just created that phrase) If I search for blogging for beginners, these are the types of colors that will show up:

pinterest pin color research

Lots of pale pink and white going on here but if you look closely, you will see that the purple one is ranking #1 and the one with the purple and hot pink is ranking #2. This goes to show that dominant colors work well.

Text On Your Pins

You see, almost all Pinterest users are on mobile, and as know, mobile screens are small, being able to read stuff on small screens can be pretty hard. Also, there are so many distractions when scrolling through your Pinterest feed and too many results pop up when you do a search on Pinterest.

How can you make sure your pins are seen? You need to make your text as bold and large as possible! You definitely never want to add too much text on your pins, it’s distracting and hard to read. You want to make it as easy as possible for people to read and understand your pins as soon as they see them.

You want to make them stop scrolling and get their eyes glued to your pins. Try not to add more than 4 words to a pin, and don’t use more than 2 fonts. Make your fonts bold and large.

Spark Emotion

Now let’s talk a little bit about curiosity, controversy, and negativity. It is important to spark one of those emotions on your pin! You want the viewer to click, you want them on your site, your pin is going to get ranked and you want to increase your chances of getting almost every viewer back to your blog right?

Well, you need to use words that make people feel something on your pins. You need to craft the text on your pin strategically to get those clicks! If your pin is about the best blogging tips and tricks, the text on your pin should be something like:

  • “bloggers never share this secret”
  • “Top blogging secrets” 
  • “blogging trick that changed my life”
  • “blogging secret that makes me 50K”
  • “you will never succeed in blogging if you are doing this”
  • “Should you continue blogging”
  • “This is why your blog is not making money”

You get the picture right? It’s all about the words! You need to spark some sort of curiosity or emotion to get the click! I have been using this method to get over 450k monthly viewers to one of my blogs. See stats below:

AB Testing

AB testing has been done for years by marketers to collect data that helps them make the right decisions. It’s just fancy terms for creating 2 or more ads for one product. It’s the same with social media, you create 2 to 3 images for one blog post, pin them over time and see which one works in driving traffic.

Below are 3 pins I created for 1 blog post, I will schedule them to go out on different dates, some will perform well and some won’t. You never want to stop testing on Pinterest, always collect data on your audience preference.

How To Get More Impressions On Pinterest

Pinterest Trends

I cannot stress this enough, Pinterest has put a lot of resources into proving the Pinterest trends tool for content creators to use but it’s not being used effectively! If you want to get clicks on Pinterest, it’s time to get on the Pinterest trends wagon!

You see, Pinterest wants to provide the best content possible to its audience. They will only promote your content for free if it is new, fresh, and trending. Your aim is to fill a gap with new, fresh, and trending content.

If someone searches for “how to create sewing patterns for beginners” and there aren’t many relevant results for those keywords, they will show results that are similar but not exact.

If you can fill that gap by creating content using those exact keywords in your titles, descriptions and save it to the right boards, you will rank first for that keyword!

Now, the trick is, you don’t want to spend time creating something that no one is searching for, this is where the Pinterest trends tool comes in! This tool tells you exactly what people are searching for in your niche, and also when they are searching, so why not use it?

Pinterest Predicts

Similar to Pinterest trends, Pinterest predicts tells you what will be trending in the future on Pinterest. If you can create content in your niche using the Pinterest predicts data, your content will show up first in Pinterest search because you created it ahead of time.

You see, it takes up to a month for a pin to find itself in the right spot or rank on Pinterest so creating content beforehand is a winning strategy for all parties involved.

Pinterest wants you to create future trending content because they need your help providing that information to their audience. It’s like scratch my back and I will scratch yours! Use the Pinterest predicts keywords to create content.

To use the tool, click the link above>filter by category>choose your niche:

Next, copy the keywords provided and create content using those exact match keywords:

Longtail keywords

Longtail keywords are still effective on Pinterest, you see, people try to rank their pins for keywords like blogging tips, blogging for beginners, or blog traffic tips when in fact, they need to be trying to rank for keywords like “blogging tips for new bloggers” or “how to get traffic to a new blog fast”.

You see, short tail keywords should only be used in board names because they are highly competitive. You will never be able to rank #1 on Pinterest by going after short-tail keywords.

So when you are using Pinterest trends to gather keywords, stay away from short-tail keywords, always scroll all the way down the results to get long-tail keywords for your blog post. This will give your posts a huge chance!


So now you know how to get clicks on Pinterest the right way! If you liked this post or found it helpful, please share it with your friends and also take a moment to follow me on Pinterest if you like reading my content.

How To Get More Impressions On Pinterest

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