how to choose a niche for blogging

How To Choose A Niche For Blogging

You’re planning on starting a blog but you have no idea what to blog about right? It’s okay, although picking a niche for your blog feels frustrating right now, after reading this post, you will be able to choose the right niche for your blog that is evergreen and profitable.

You may already have the perfect niche in mind but you just can’t seem to figure out if it’s the right choice for starting a blog right? Trust me, I get it cause I’ve been there a dozen times, I know that choosing a niche is the most difficult part of blogging but don’t worry, I’ll walk you through the process.

What Is A Blog Niche?

So let’s define a blog niche to help you understand exactly why it’s important when it comes to blogging. According to Wikipedia:

“Niche blogging is the act of creating a blog with the intent of using it to market to a particular niche market. Niche blogs may appeal to “geographic areas, a specialty industry, ethnic or age groups, or any other particular group of people.”

So what this means is simple, a blog is like a brick and mortar shop, and a niche is what the shop sells. Let’s say you have a shop that sells plus-size clothing for women over 400 pounds, this means your shop sells clothing that caters to a specific group of people.

A niche has to be small and must target a specific audience. The more you niche down, the easier it is to become an authority in that niche. You should be able to describe your niche in a short sentence and understand who you want to attract. So examples of niches for plus size clothing would be:

  • Plus size clothing for teens
  • Plus size clothing for young adults
  • Plus size clothing for girls
  • Plus size clothing for older women

You can niche down even more with something like Plus size wedding dresses for older brides.

Why Do You Need To Niche Down?

Niching down helps you become an authority in a particular space, it helps you focus on a specific type of content and audience. It enables you to have a clear voice and a clear brand. Niching down gives you the ability to map out your prospects and market to them successfully.

When starting a successful blogging business, you never want to attract the wrong audience because it can lead to fewer conversions. Let’s say your blog is about plus-size clothing and suddenly, you start adding products for skinny ladies.

Visitors come onto your blog because of plus size clothing but instead, they see clothing for skinny ladies, you’ve just lost prospective customers. They don’t feel welcomed nor would they come back because you are giving them mixed vibes.

If you want to blog for a living, you must have a target audience that will want to read more of your content because they feel a connection to your blog. Your blog is like a hub of information that caters specifically to them so it becomes the go-to place for their specific pain or problem.

Lastly, SEO-wise, niching down will get your blog ranked higher in search engines, plus social media, and make money faster. (which is why you’re blogging right?) Now let’s get to the good stuff!

how to choose a niche for blogging

How To Choose A Niche For Blogging

Now that you understand what a blog niche is and why you need one for your blog, it’s time to move on to brainstorming your niche, filtering, verifying, and finally, validating your blog niche ideas.

How To Brainstorm A Blog Niche

Your first step in choosing a niche for your blog is to brainstorm ideas. It’s easy, just take a look around your home, what are some of the things you have sitting around that sparks your interest? List them down. Again, think about your daily life, what are the things you do every day that you enjoy? List them down.

If you have a passion for crafting, sewing, cleaning, crocheting, walking, yoga, gym, food, singing, drawing, or organizing, list them down. What are some of the things you are good at, list them down.

Do you enjoy homeschooling your kids or creating lesson plans? List them down. If you like trying new cooking hacks, gardening, growing indoor plants, or even giving good relationship advice. List them all down. If you like making smoothies, baking bread, or cookies, list them down.

By the end of brainstorming, you should have a list of amazing ideas to choose from. Now we can move on to the next step which is filtering your niche ideas.

Filter Your Blog Niche Ideas

To filter through your niche ideas, simply scan through your list and try to find 3 or 4 ideas max. These ideas should be important to you, they should be things that you are passionate about and have knowledge in. So let’s say you have a list of your hobbies, your daily routine, and things you’re good at.

If you love cooking (hobbies), you cook daily (daily routine) you’re good at cooking (have knowledge in), and add it to your list of 3-4 ideas. Repeat this process for the rest of your 2 to 3 ideas. Now it’s time for you to verify your niche ideas.

Blog Niche Checklist

One of the most important steps in choosing the right niche for your blog is to verify it by asking yourself the following seven questions and using the blog niche checklist below.

1. Passion

Are you passionate about your chosen niche, does it really interest you? Why do you want to create a blog about it? Do you get excited simply by thinking of it? Are you ready to commit to writing about it for the next 15 years? If you answered yes to the questions above, you are 5 steps closer.

2. Knowledge

Do you have knowledge about your niche topic, or do you have experience with it? Will your readers be able to learn something new from your teaching, tips, or tutorials? Can you list down 2 or 3 things your audience will benefit from reading your blog?

3. Audience

Who is your target audience, and who do you want to attract to your blog? What are their demographics, age range, and status? Can you describe your target audience using one single word? Are they students, teenagers, moms, or dads? What are their problems?

4. Evergreen

Is your niche evergreen or is it a trending topic? Will your niche or blog topic remain in demand 20 years from now? Are there enough keywords to target in your niche for creating content? If you answered yes to all of the above, you are 2 steps closer to choosing your niche.

5. Profitable

Is your niche idea profitable, will you be able to make money by creating content in your niche? Are there affiliate products in your niche? Will you be able to create digital products to sell in your niche? Will your target audience afford to buy products in your niche?

6. Solve A Problem

Does your niche actually help solve a specific problem? Will you be able to teach your audience to do something new? Does your niche have answers to help ease a pressing pain? What kind of problems does your niche help solve?

7. Competition & Competitor Analysis

Is there a lot of competition in your niche? Can you create better content to beat your competition? If you answered yes to all of the questions above, you have found the perfect niche to start a blog around. Use the blog checklist below.

Right-click and save the following blog niche checklist to your computer and print it out to answer the questions and keep for later. You can also save it to your Pinterest board for future reference.

blog niche checklist

How To Validate Your Blog Niche Ideas

Now that you’ve verified your niche ideas for your blog, validating them is your next important step. Validating your niche simply means making sure your niche is trending, it’s in demand, it’s profitable, it’s evergreen, and has affiliate products to promote.

To validate your niche, we will be using 3 free tools, Google trends, Ubbersuggest, and Amazon. Google trends help you understand if your niche is trending, how long it has been trending, and help you gather comparison data.

Ubbersuggest provides keyword ideas for your niche and gives you an estimate of your competition and how profitable your niche is. Amazon provides affiliate product ideas for your niche.

How To Validate Your Niche Using Google Trends

Once you’ve gathered your niche ideas, Head on over to Google Trends and type them in one by one. For this example, we will be using potty training, pregnancy, and breastfeeding niches. Let’s start with potty training. Type in your search term and filter by worldwide, 5 years, and web search:

validating your blog niche with google trends


As you can see from the graph above, this niche is evergreen, yes there are dips which are normal for this time range but overall, there is demand for this niche. Next, you can compare this niche to other niche ideas, let’s go with breastfeeding and pregnancy.

Simply click the compare tab next to potty training and add in your other niches separately:

validate your blog niche with google trends

As you can see, potty training is blue, breastfeeding is red, and pregnancy is yellow. These three niches are evergreen but pregnancy has the highest amount of monthly searches which means it’s the most popular among the three. Take note of this data before moving on to the next step.

Next, you want to change your filter from web search to google shopping to see which of these niches has the highest amount of searched products to determine if your niche is profitable or not.

validating niche with google trends

As you can see, pregnancy won the race! The graph below shows exactly what people are searching for in the pregnancy niche. Notice that all of the search terms are on a breakout. “Breakout” means that a particular search term has grown within a short time frame by over 5000%.

validating blog niche

Validate Your Niche Competition Using Ubbersuggest

Now that you’ve validated if your niche ideas are trending and evergreen, you need to find out how competitive your niche is. This simply means measuring how hard or easy it will be to try to rank for your keywords. A keyword difficulty that is between 10-30 is okay to target.

Now in most cases, you do not need to worry about the keyword difficulty of your niche because your ultimate goal is to rank articles, not your domain name. That said, you still need to get an idea of how competitive a niche is before trying to target it.

This is because you want to know who your competitors are, how they create content, where they promote their content, and how authoritative they are in that space. This is also known as competitor analysis. So let’s try testing our niche ideas on Ubersuggest.

As you can see from the graph above, the monthly search volume is over 450k which is amazing but the keyword difficulty is very hard. That said, it just gives you an idea of what you are up against. Go ahead and check the rest of your niche ideas. Let’s move on to finding profitable products.

Validate Your Blog Niche Ideas Profitability

Your Next step is to find out if there are profitable affiliate products in your niche that you can promote on your blog. To do this, you can use Amazon. Simply search for your niche on Amazon and sort by prices & rating. Your goal is to find high priced items with 4-5 star ratings:

validate niche profitability with amazon

Now go ahead and repeat the process for the rest of your niche ideas.

How To Find Unlimited Blog Niche Ideas

If you want to find unlimited niche ideas that are profitable, you can use any or all of the following sites below. You can also check out my list of 170 blog niche ideas if you are really stuck.


Pinterest is a goldmine for coming up with profitable niche ideas, to find blog niches on Pinterest, go to

find blog niche on pinterest

Next, click on your preferred category and scroll down to find subtopics in that category. These are usually niches that you can target. Let’s try the DIY & Crafts category:

Do you see how many subtopics or subcategories show up? Now you want to dig even deeper by clicking on one of the niches, let’s go with “paper crafts”. Once you click on any of the subcategories, scroll all the way down on the next page until you get similar results like the one below:

pinterest niches

Now, you’ve gone down the rabbit hole to find the right niche for your blog using Pinterest. Remember that clicking on any of the related topics above will take you to other related topics as well.


There are thousands of niches on Amazon that you can browse through to come up with the right niche for your blog. Go to Amazon and in the upper left-hand corner of your screen, click on “all”:

find blog niche on amazon

Next, scroll down to “shop by departments” and click on any of the desired categories.

finding blog niche on amazon

For This example, I will click on the baby category, as you can see below, it has over 10 other subtopics. Those are niches that you can target if you want to start a blog around the baby niche.


Udemy is a course creation platform that marketers and bloggers use to sell courses. They cover a lot of different categories to which you can find subtopics to. Go to Udemy and click on categories:

find blog niche ideas on udemy

Next, browse through the different subcategories to find niche ideas for your blog.


Forums are amazing when it comes to getting niche ideas for your blog. Using forums to brainstorm niche ideas will also give you a glimpse of what other bloggers are sharing in these forums and how they are using them. You can also replicate them to start promoting your blog later on.

One of the best ways to find forums in your niche is by going to a site called Findaforum. Once you are there, simply click on the “categories” tab>browse all categories:

choose a niche for your blog using forums

Next, scroll through the list of different forums to get ideas. You can also click through each one to view the forums or sign up.

choose a blog niche using forums


Another site I love to use to get niche ideas is Reddit. Reddit is known as the front page of the internet. Anything you can think of is on Reddit. Go to Reddit and start typing in a keyword like “weight loss”, next, click on “communities” and browse through the different subreddits for niche ideas.

You can repeat this process to find subreddits in every category on the planet!

finding blog niche ideas on reddit

Profitable & Evergreen Blog Niche Ideas

As a beginner, you may find the task of finding your own niche frustrating even after reading and implementing the tips in this post. I understand because it happened to me as well so here is a list of 170 profitable blog niche ideas that you can choose a niche from.


Now you know exactly how to choose a niche for blogging the right way. If you liked this post or found it helpful, please take a moment to share it with your friends. I would also love to hear your thoughts and answer your questions in the comments below.

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