How Many Boards Should You Have On Pinterest?

How Many Boards Should You Have On Pinterest

As a blogger or a new user, how many boards should you have on Pinterest? Let’s find out! Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social/search platforms in 2022, similar to Instagram, it is a photo/video sharing platform but with many more benefits for bloggers. 

Setting up your Pinterest profile and boards correctly from the beginning can take your Pinterest game to a whole new level. Note: It’s very important to understand that the number of boards you have is not as important as how you name your boards.

How Many Boards Should You Have On Pinterest?

How Many Boards Should You Have On Pinterest?

According to Pinterest, you can have up to 2000 boards on your Pinterest profile regardless if your account is for business or personal use. However, it is impossible to create that many boards! Not only will your followers have to scroll through your profile forever, but you will also run out of keywords for your niche.

After years of creating and running a good number of successful Pinterest accounts, I recommend starting with at least 15-20 Pinterest boards. That said, I have seen successful Pinterest accounts with less than 20 boards so it really depends on your niche plus content. (more on that below)

Here is a Pinterest account that has less than 20 boards and generates over 10 million monthly viewers on the platform:

pinterest account with minimal boards

How To Determine Your Board Count

To get an exact number of how many boards to create on your Pinterest profile, you must first determine your niche plus your blog categories. So maybe you are in the “DIY hair care niche” and you write about DIY shampoos, DIY hair oil, or DIY hair growth remedies.

Your first step is to find keywords for your blog’s categories. Next, you can use those same keywords to create your Pinterest boards. If you’ve started with 10 categories for your blog content, you will also want to create 10 boards for those topics. 

As you add more topics to your blog, you can add more boards to your Pinterest profile. You will need to find the right keywords however for your categories and board names to have a successful Pinterest account. This is the simple method I use for determining how many boards I need to create for each of my Pinterest accounts.

How Many Pinterest Boards Can You Create Per Day?

I have found that creating more than 20 boards daily can trip the spam filters on Pinterest and lead to a temporary block. However, there is no article on the Pinterest blog that specifically tells you how many boards you are allowed to create per day. I recommend creating between 10-15 boards just to be safe.

That said, you also have the option to create sections within your boards so that you refrain from creating duplicate or closely keyworded board names. I suggest you take this into consideration when structuring out your boards as well.

How Many Pins Can You Add To Your Boards?

Pinterest clearly states that you can have up to 200,000 pins on your whole Pinterest profile. There is no information on how many pins can be added to each of your boards. I do recommend adding at least 10 pins to each of your boards as soon as you create them.

It’s okay to repin other popular pins in your niche after creating your boards. It actually helps your boards get indexed and ranked faster on Pinterest.

Just make sure that the pins are relevant and that they lead back to reputable sources. You also want to make sure that the pins are not blocked by Pinterest before you pin them.


Pinterest is an amazing platform and it can help you drive traffic to your blog but it all starts with your SEO. Creating the right amount of boards and naming them correctly can help you get more engagement and exposure. Stay awesome and happy Pinning! 

How Many Boards Should You Have On Pinterest


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