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12 Easy Ways To Find Blog Post Ideas Your Audience Will Love

Trying to find blog post ideas can be a really frustrating task especially if you are new to blogging. That said, it gets easier as you learn and grow your blog. There are many free ways to come up with amazing blog post ideas that your audience will love so read on to learn all my secret techniques.

Blogging is all about creating original, helpful and engaging content, if you can spend some time mastering the art of writing amazing posts for your audience, they are going to love you. You will become an authority in your niche and the go-to person for answers. How cool is that!

Before we begin, here are some important tips to remember when finding blog post ideas for your niche. 

Stay True To Your Niche

A lot of times I see new bloggers writing content that is not relevant to their blogs, it could be caused by a lack of knowledge or shining object syndrome. To build a successful blogging business, you need to stay true to your niche. Writing irrelevant content for the sake of making affiliate sales or trends can cause more harm than good.

It may be tempting at times to target irrelevant keywords but here is what happens when you do: You lose sight of your blog’s focus, reduce your chances of becoming an authority in your niche, reduce your exposure on search and social, and you send your audience mixed vibes.

Choose Long-tail Keywords 

Unless you are trying to write a pillar post or have an established blog with tons of backlinks, you always want to target long-tail keywords at the beginning of blogging. This is because short-tail keywords are highly competitive and a new blog simply can’t compete.

You see, it takes years of creating quality content and building backlinks to be able to rank easily in the search for short-tail keywords. I recommend you target keywords with at least 6 words as a beginner blogger. So instead of trying to write a blog post about “side hustle ideas“, try going for “side hustle ideas for new moms” instead.

Create Content For Specific Platforms

My last tip for you before we begin is to create content for specific platforms. If you plan to use Pinterest for getting blog traffic, focus on Pinterest SEO and create content specifically for Pinterest users. If your goal is to rank your posts in Google search, focus on Google keywords and ranking factors.

Although it’s wise to combine both platforms for content ideas and traffic generation, it’s better to stick with one at the beginning until you have enough knowledge. Always remember to master one platform before moving on to the next

find blog post ideas

How To Find Blog Post Ideas

Why are you writing, who are you targeting, and what are your goals? These are the 3 questions you need to ask yourself before trying to find ideas to write about. You see, as a successful blogger, each blog post you write should have a purpose or a goal

It could be to drive traffic, get email subscribers, create awareness, make sales, or teach your audience something new. For example, I am writing this post because I want to use it as an extension to my money post. Each and every post I write on my blog is targeted toward my goal which is to teach and make money.  

Whatever your goal is, your blog posts should be a mixture of educational posts, (how-to, guides & tutorials) conversion posts, ( email opt-in, awareness, & products sales), and traffic generation posts ( seasonal, events & holidays). Lastly, create a content planner with your goal as the main focus, gather ideas, and connect the dots.

Best Types Of Blog Posts For Traffic & Engagements

Understanding which content types get the most traffic and engagement helps you work smarter instead of harder. It’s no secret that certain types of blog posts do better than others and as a blogger, your time is precious so here are the best types of blog posts you need to be writing for faster results.

1. List Posts (Listicles)

List posts are extremely powerful when it comes to blog traffic and engagement. Everyone loves to learn about a bunch of ways to do something. Let’s say I have a post about “how to ride a bike” and I have another one on “20 ways to ride a bike” which one would you click on?

The latter right? Using words like 10 best, top 10, 10 ways, and 10 things are great for getting people to click on your links. Writing in-depth articles that covers all the different ways to do something will turn those clicks into engagements. 

2. How-to Posts

How-to posts are one of the most common types of blog content used by most bloggers. It’s also the most searched term on Google and Youtube. People always want to learn something new and if you can successfully deliver step-by-step answers around a certain niche with how-to blog posts, you become an authority!

How-to guides, how-to tutorials, and how-to infographics can be great traffic drivers when presented correctly. Case studies and checklist posts are also some of the best types of blog posts that create engagements and boost blog traffic. 

1. Use Amazon Book Chapters

Getting blog post ideas from amazon e-books is one of the oldest blogging tricks online. There are millions of ebooks on amazon kindle in every niche you can think of therefore, getting content ideas is guaranteed.

To find blog post ideas in your niche, go to amazon and type in your niche keyword + e-book, sort by 4-5 stars, choose a few books from the shelf and open them in new tabs. Click on “look inside” over each e-book to view its table of contents:

Scroll down to find the table of contents of each ebook to get tons of blog post ideas in your niche:

blog post ideas with amazon ebooks 

2. Get Blog Post Ideas From Youtube Channels

There are millions of channels on Youtube in every niche possible. Similar to finding endless keywords on Youtube, you can get a ton of blog post ideas from niche channels. The best part is that you can easily see which ideas and keywords get the most views and clicks.

You see, if a video is getting a lot of clicks on youtube, it means that the thumbnail and the title of the video are optimized correctly. Using those same headlines and similar images for your blog posts can possibly skyrocket your reach as well. To find niche channels, simply type in your niche and filter by channel:

finding blog post ideas with youtube

Next, scroll down to find the channels with the most videos and subscribers:

blog post ideas youtube

Open them up in separate tabs and sort them by “videos” and “most popular”:

Repeat the process as many times as possible to gather as many blog post ideas in your niche as possible.

3. Think Like Your Audience

Let’s say you are interested in weight loss tips because you want to lose weight, what type of questions would you ask online? Where would you go to ask those questions? Of course, you would want to find other people who want to lose weight or are already losing weight to get inspiration right?

As a blogger, you need to put yourself in your audience’s shoes, you need to think like your targeted audience. Once you do, finding blog post ideas and creating content becomes so much easier. You also get to know where they might be hanging out online to stalk them.

Niche targeted Facebook groups, forums, and Quora spaces are great for getting real-time questions from your audience. To find forums in your niche, search your niche on google plus “forum” or use this site called Findaforum.

4. Check Out Your Competitors

One of the easiest ways to come up with blog post ideas as a new blogger is to see what others are posting in your niche. Not only will you be able to come up with a whole list of blog post ideas but it will help you understand what type of content resonates with your targeted audience.

To find competitors in your niche, simply type your niche into Google search, let’s try ‘weight loss tips for women” Note: when trying to find competitors using Google, look for blog names that are related to the niche itself, this may require scrolling a little lower down the results:

finding competitors on google

Click through to your competitor’s site and choose a category that is closely related to your niche, browse through the different posts for ideas:

finding competitors

See how easy that was to start getting tons of ideas for your blog posts?

5. Use Pinterest To Find Blog Post Ideas

In my experience, Pinterest is a goldmine for getting blog post ideas if you know where to look! Pinterest predicts, Pinterest trends, Pinterest categories, and Pinterest search bar are extremely powerful for gathering tons of ideas in any given niche.

To use the Pinterest search bar for blog post ideas, simply begin by typing in your seed keywords and add an alphabet or something like for, or with.

To find long-tail keywords for any of the keywords above, just click a relevant keyword and Pinterest will give you suggestions of what people are searching for:

pinterest keywords for blog post

To use Pinterest categories for blog post ideas, simply select your niche and scroll down to the top Pinterest searches section:

Using Pinterest trends and Pinterest predictions for getting future content ideas that you plan to rank for 3-6 months down the road is a great traffic strategy. 

6. Use Buzzsumo To Find Blog Post Ideas

Buzzsumo is a content marketing tool that helps bloggers and online marketers understand what’s already working. As the saying goes, “never try to reinvent the wheel simply ride along”! Lol, Buzzsumo shows you what content is already out there for any niche, topic, or category.

It also shows you which social media platform your competition is using to promote their content, how cool is that right? Buzzsumo is not a free tool but you are allowed to perform up to 3 searches daily for free. Simply begin by typing in your niche to get ideas.

buzzsumo for blog post ideas

Another reason why I like using Buzzsumo is getting headline ideas for my blog posts as well. As you will learn, mastering the art of crafting attention-grabbing blog post headlines is crucial for blog traffic generation.

7. Use Facebook To Find Blog Post Ideas

Facebook has over 2 billion users and believe it or not, people actually do perform searches on the platform. Using Facebook search plus Facebook groups can get you a ton of ideas to start writing content around. To find blog post ideas using Facebook, simply begin typing in your seed keywords in the search bar and select “all”:

Scroll all the way down to the “related searches” section to see what other keywords people are searching for within your niche:

There is also a section called “people also search for” if you continue scrolling below:

Your next option for finding blog post ideas on Facebook is by using Facebook groups. You want to join groups that are related to your niche, become active by engaging with other users, and find questions that people are looking for answers to. You can also ask questions related to your niche to get ideas as well.

8. Use Your Existing Posts To Find Blog Post Ideas

One of the best ways to come up with endless blog post ideas is by revisiting your old posts. Since interlinking is a huge ranking factor, updating your existing post with new interlinks will actually increase your rankings in search. Let’s say you have an article on 20 ways to ride a bike, you have 20 blog post ideas right there.

Each heading within an existing post on your blog can become a new blog post. Each tip, resource, tool, idea, recommendation, or reference, within an existing post, can become an idea for a new blog post. Using this method helps you keep your old blog posts updated with new resources and links. (Another ranking factor)

9. Use Google To Find Blog Post Ideas

Google search is the world’s largest search engine, with over 5.6 billion searches performed daily, you are bound to find blog post ideas to write about. There are three ways to find blog post ideas on Google, auto-suggest, people also ask, & related searches.

To use the auto-suggest feature, simply begin by typing in your seed keywords and google will show you suggestions of other related keywords:

use google to find blog post ideas

To find ideas using “people also ask” click “enter” after typing in your seed keywords, select a suggested phrase from the dropdown list and scroll down to “people also ask”:

find blog post ideas google

Lastly, scroll all the way to the bottom and you will find the related searches section to find more blog post ideas:

blog post ideas google

10. Use Google Trends To Find Blog Post Ideas

Google trends is an amazing free tool for content creators to find trending keywords and ideas for new blog posts. As a content creator, you always want to keep your audience updated about new products, tools & trends in your niche. Using Google Trends is the best free option for market research online to date.

To find trending ideas for your blog posts, simply go to Google Trends and type in a category seed keyword like diet, weight loss, nutrition, money, and make money online. Using niche targeted keywords won’t work well on google trends.

Next, select location as worldwide or united states, choose all categories, select 12 months, and scroll down to get real-time data. For this example, I will be using “diet”.

find blog post ideas with google trends

Next, scroll down to find keywords that people are searching for in the diet niche:

blog post ideas google trends

There are over 25 trending keywords daily in any given category on google trends that you can choose to write content around for your audience. 

11. Use Reddit To Find Blog Post Ideas

Reddit is known as the front page of the internet, anything and everything can be found on Reddit. Reddit is divided into subreddits, also known as groups. Every niche, topic, category, or idea has a subreddit. It is simply a goldmine for finding blog post ideas to write about.

To use Reddit for blog post ideas, simply go onto Reddit and type in your niche, for this example, I used the weight loss niche:

reddit for blog post ideas

You can also join subreddits that are in your niche to find ideas as well. To do this, simply search your niche, choose communities and start joining. 

reddit communities

Here are some of the questions people are asking in one of the subreddits above, these are great blog post ideas for anyone in the weight loss niche.:

blog post ideas on reddit

12. Tools To Find Blog Post Ideas 

If all else fails, keyword tools will definitely save the day. The following keyword tools are free to find an unlimited amount of blog post ideas to create content. To use keyword tools, you basically want to type in your seed keywords and let the tool do its magic. 

These tools are simply pulling in search queries performed by real people from search engines like Amazon, Google, Bing, Youtube e.t.c 


Now you know of all the different ways to find blog post ideas to create amazing content for your audience. If you liked this post or found it helpful, please share it with your friends and also take the time to follow me on Pinterest for more awesome posts.

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