10 Ways To Choose The Perfect Blog Name +100 Mom Blog Name Ideas

10 Ways To Choose The Perfect Blog Name +100 Mom Blog Name Ideas

Coming up with the perfect blog name, especially as a beginner can be a mind wrecking task. I know, it’s actually a very common problem that all aspiring bloggers face. That’s why I’ve put together this step-by-step guide on how to choose the perfect blog name + 100 mom blog name ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Blogging is a lot of fun and a great way to make passive income while staying at home with your little angels but it must be done correctly. There are crucial steps like picking the right niche or coming up with blog niche ideas that are frustrating but very important!

Does your Blog Name Really Matter?

Yes, I’m not going to sugarcoat the answer, your blog name matters a lot! Why? Because choosing the right blog name can make it easier for people to find, understand, remember your blog, and increase your rankings in search and social.

Some bloggers say “name your blog anything right now and change it later” well, here’s what happens when you do that, first, you lose your domain rankings in search engines.

Secondly, you have to rebrand, thirdly, you have to resubmit your blog for Google AdSense or other ad networks, reapply for affiliate programs, and finally, it will cost you extra money!

Shouldn’t You Just Name Your Blog After Yourself?

You can and there are tons of successful blogs online that are named after their owners but is it a really smart move? Well, unless your name is your brand or a personal online journal of your life, I don’t think it is. A better option would be to have your first name plus your niche as your domain name. Examples:

  • Bettiebaker
  • Suzisewingtips
  • Jessicleaninghacks

The examples above contain a name plus the niche, you immediately know what to expect simply by reading them. Even though using keywords in your blog name isn’t a ranking factor for SEO purposes, it still helps search engines and users understand exactly what your blog is about.

4 Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Blog Name

So before you even begin trying to find a blog name, you need to answer the following questions. Once you do, choosing a name for your blog will feel like a walk in the park.

1. Have You Gathered Blog Niche Ideas?

A blog niche is a sub-topic that targets a small group of people. To blog successfully, your first step is to come up with a niche. To do so, you need to gather profitable blog niche ideas to choose from.

Not having a niche idea for your blog is like starting a business without a goal. Browse through these 170 profitable blog niche ideas and list down the ones that interest you.

2. Have You Chosen A Niche?

Your next step is to actually choose a niche for your blog. If you have already chosen a few niche ideas from the list above, it’s time to pick one. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to choose the perfect niche for your blog. I highly recommend you read and implement the tips.

3. Who Is Your Target Audience?

Once you choose a niche, you need to decide who your target audience is. These are a small group of people you want to read your blog. Trying to target a broad audience for your blog is not a good idea. If you went through the step-by-step guide on choosing a niche, you may already know who your target audience is.

4. What Happens If You Decide To Write About Other Topics?

So you’ve chosen a niche plus a target audience and now you’re wondering what happens if you decide to blog about other topics in the future right?

Well, as long as you choose a blog name that is not exact, you will be okay. What I mean is if your blog is about dress patterns for babies, go for something like sewing patterns for kids instead. This leaves room to blog about patterns for boys, girls, babies, and toddlers in the future and keeps you within your original blog niche.

10 Ways To Choose The Perfect Blog Name +100 Mom Blog Name Ideas

How To Choose The Perfect Blog Name

If you answered the questions above and went through the resources I provided, coming up with a blog name should easier using the tips below. Before we move on though, just remember that whatever you choose to name your blog, make it short, brandable, memorable, easy to pronounce, and non-restrictive.

Please note that I will be using the sewing niche throughout this post as an example but the same tips can be used for any niche.

1. Using Your Niche Keywords + Target Audience

Your first step in coming up with a blog name is to start brainstorming ideas by listing down names relevant to your niche. Using your topic in your blog name tells people and search engines exactly what your blog is about. In my opinion, it’s the best method often used to name a blog.

Let’s say your niche is dress patterns for babies, your target audience is new or expecting moms, but you still want to be able to blog about other topics in the future. Some blog name examples would be:

  • Patternmama
  • Thepatternlady
  • Patternsofjoy
  • Jofulpatterns
  • Littlemepatterns
  • Sewmamasew
  • Mamasewingguide
  • Easycutandsew
  • Patterncloset
  • Patternnest
  • Patternchest

Here are some real-life examples of successful sewing blogs online today. Take a look at how they named their blogs to get some ideas as well.

Melissa at Sewlikemymom is a mom of 4 who blogs about sewing but initially started sewing for her kids. She has expanded her blog to other topics like sewing tutorials for adults as well.

Erin at Sewathomemummy is a mom who loves to sew. She started her sewing blog back in 2011 to share her creative side with the world. Her blog has since expanded to other topics such as DIY, and quilting among others.

Notice a trend? Both blogs contain a keyword-relevant to their niche in their blog names Right?

2. Using Your Own Name + Keywords

Another great way to get ideas for naming your blog is to use your name plus your keywords to brainstorm ideas. Although you can use your full name as your blog name, I do not recommend it for niche blogs. As I mentioned above, a better option is to use your first or last name plus your niche.

You can choose to add your name before or after your keywords. Here are some examples:

  • Kattiesewingcorner
  • Jennycansew
  • Jessiesewingtips
  • Sewwithannie
  • Jennyssewingjournal
  • Sewingtipswithamy
  • Amyscutandsew

Here are some sewing blogs that use a combination of their names and niche keywords in their blog names.

Alicia at SewwhatAlicia started her sewing blog as an outlet for her creative side and is now blogging about crafting and other topics as well.

Kate from Seekatesew started her sewing blog back in 2010, she shares sewing tips and tutorials on her blog and youtube channel. Her blog is still dedicated to sewing.

Mellissa at Mellysews is a mother of three who loves sewing and creating sewing patterns to sell. She also shares sewing tutorials and tips for beginners.

See, it’s easy to get creative when coming up with a blog name using your name+blog niche!

3. Use Synonyms, Rhymes & Related Words

One of the fastest and easiest ways to come up with creative blog name ideas is by using synonyms, rhymes, and related words. When using these tools though, make sure you start with your niche keyword for related words and synonyms. Rhymes should only be used along with your niche keyword to form a blog name.

Using a thesaurus, I’ve searched for the keyword “sewing”, let’s see what comes up as synonyms:

I’ve used the same tool to come up with words that rhyme with “sew”, here’s what came up:

Now let’s use another tool to find related words for “sewing” or “sew” and see what comes up:

Now let’s try to come up with a few blog names using the 3 resources above:

  • Mendingflow
  • Needleshow
  • Stictchingglow
  • Patchingshadows
  • Hemmingrainbows
  • Tuckahem
  • Bastingmellow

See? Tools can be effective too!

4. Use Alliteration or Assonance

Alliterations are closely connected words that start with the same letter or sound the same at the beginning. Alliterations are similar to rhymes, only rhymes make use of vowel sounds while alliterations focus on consonants. Examples of a few sewing alliterations would be, Sewing souls, or Sewing sober. Other examples:

Assonance is a group of words with repeated vowel sounds. An example in the sewing niche would be something like “Stitch time is mine” or “stitch snitch”.

5. Use Abbreviations

Abbreviations are great for using in your blog name if you feel that it is too long or to make it easy to remember and brandable. A lot of big brands use abbreviations because it’s easier for customers to remember and easily recognize. It’s a great strategy that some experience bloggers use.

H&M, D&C, LV, and ASOS are all brands that use abbreviations in their brand names. Blogs like Wpbeginner, Wpastra, and Wpengine did a great job of abbreviating “WordPress” at the beginning of their blog names. Some sewing blog names with abbreviation examples would be:

  • ILsewing (I love sewing)
  • CMsewingtuts (crafty mama sewing tutorials)
  • OBsewinglessons (online beginner’s sewing lessons)

6. Spy On Your Competitors

Now I don’t mean this in a dirty way but checking up on your competitor’s blog names can actually get your creative juices flowing. It also gives you an idea of what’s already in your space. When researching your competition, try to make a list of the length, the sound, and the keywords used in their blog names.

Let’s spy on some sewing blogs!

  • Sewsoeasy
  • Sewsweetness
  • Sewitover
  • Thesewingloft

See the trend? These blog names are easy to remeber, they contain niche keywords, and they are short!

7. Get Creative The Old Fashion Way

You would be surprised by how creative you can get by simply getting out a pen and paper and writing down ideas for your blog name! Nothing trumps old fashion! Try to get rid of distractions when writing down your ideas. Once you’ve come up with a list, try saying each word out loud and hear how it sounds.

Just remember that your blog name needs to be short, brandable, memorable, easy to pronounce, non-restrictive, and contains your keywords.

8. Choose A Random Name

Sometimes choosing a random name for your blog can be really fun. That said, most blogs with random names usually cover a whole range of topics and try to target a large audience. In my opinion, it’s not a good idea for a beginner blogger.

If you do decide to use a random name, make it creative, short, memorable, and brandable. I also recommend you stick to a niche at least in the first 6 months of blogging. Here are some successful blogs with random names examples:

Boobooandtigertoo is a mommy blog that covers a few topics like family life, home, and garden and shares lifestyle tips.

Prettyopinionated is a mom blog that shares tips on almost anything like home life, recipes, kids & families, gift ideas, pets, and entertainment.

Notice a trend? Most blogs with random names share content around different topics!

9. Use Another Language As Your Blog Name

So maybe you want to stand out and give your blog a unique name, you can do this by translating your name of choice into another language. I recommend you first pick a name that contains your keywords in English and then translate it to another language.

Let’s say we want to name our blog “sewing lessons” in french. Simply go to Google Translate and type in your keywords, here is my result:

I think that’s actually an awesome blog name right there! The best part about using this method is that you can find available blog names that you won’t be able to buy if it was English.

10. Use A Call To Action

A call to action simply means telling someone to do something or guiding someone into taking action. Using a call to action in your blog name is a very wise option. A common example would be my blog name “start a mommy blog”.

By reading the name, you understand exactly what the blog is about, who the audience is, and what kind of content to expect. It teaches moms how to start a blog and make money! Some examples of sewing blog names with a call to action could be:

  • Learntosewwithcathy
  • Getfreesewinglessons
  • Becomeasewingpro
  • Sewinglessonplans
  • Sewingpatternprintables
  • Thesewingguide

Here is an example of a sewing blog that uses a call to action in her blog name:

Learntosew is a sewing blog that offers free sewing tutorials and paid workshops to people who love sewing.

Last Checks Before Naming Your Blog

Once you’ve chosen a blog name, there are some last-minute checks you need to perform before you actually purchase the blog name.

1. Make sure your domain name is available for you to use on social media. You can do this by simply searching @yourblogname on Google search to see if it’s taken. Let’s check “@Tuckahem”, you want your results to look like the one below:

2. Make sure your chosen blog name sounds great when you say it out loud, and be very careful to use the correct spelling when buying the domain.

What Not To Do When Naming Your Blog

There is no manual that dictates how you should name your blog, you are free to name it whatever you like! But there are a few things you need to consider and steer clear of when it comes to getting a new domain name which is the following:

1. Trademarks & Brand Names

Trademarks are logo’s that brands use and brand names are names that large businesses with branded products use. As a new blogger, you can get sued for copyright if you name your blog after brand names or use branded trademarks.

It can be difficult to determine if a domain name is a brand name, therefore, I highly recommend doing your research before using it for your blog. You can accomplish this by searching the domain name in Google search and seeing what results show up.

So mint.com is taken but you still like it cause it’s short, sweet, and fits your niche perfectly. You do a domain name search, mint.org, mint.net, and other extensions are available. Whatever you do, don’t use them for your blog name. You can, however, purchase it and resell it to the original brand but that’s a whole other story.

2. Intentional Misspellings

Another thing I see new bloggers do is trying to come up with intentionally misspelled branded blog names. So if mint.com is already taken, they would try to go for something like Mintt.com or Minte.com. You never want to go that route because you can still get sued for copyright if you do.

3. Hard To Pronounce

I see new bloggers trying to invent new names for their blogs that are either hard to spell or hard to pronounce. This is usually because they want to set their blogs apart. Being different is awesome but blog names that are hard to pronounce and spell can result in people finding it hard to remember and easily find your blog.

4. Hyphens

Similar to misspellings and hard pronunciations, using hyphens in your blog name can make it hard for people to remember your blog name. You’ve got this, you can come up with hundreds of original blog names for your niche without using hyphens.

Free Blog Name Generators

Free blog name generators are great for coming up with blog name ideas but you should only use them if you’ve tried all the tips in this post. Nothing beats brainstorming the old fashion way. These tools are effective only when you feed them your original ideas.

Once you have a few blog names listed down, try adding 2 to 3 keywords that are relevant to your blog’s niche and see what comes up. Here are some of the best free blog name generators that I’ve found so far.

100 Mom Blog Name Idea List

If all has failed, you are going to love this section! Here is the ultimate list of all the best mom blog name ideas in the most profitable blog niches online. A word of caution though, when choosing a blog name from the list below, please make sure that it is relevant & related to your niche.

Note: I am using all the tips above to come up with these blog names. Use the domain tool above to check availability.


  • Frugalandfree
  • Thefrugalgal
  • Frugallivingquest
  • Thismommakesmoney
  • Bloggingwithjenny
  • Bloggingandlogging
  • Justmylittleblog
  • Justamomwithablog
  • Bloggingjoy
  • Bloggingwithatwist
  • Bloggingqueendom
  • Bloggingmomrocks
  • Theblogginglady
  • Bloggingsuccesstips


  • Parentingquest
  • Iheartparenting
  • Thejoyofparenting
  • Parentingjoy
  • Creativeparentingnest
  • Divasparenttoo
  • Theparentingdiva
  • Imjustparenting
  • Toddlersattic
  • Kiddosnest
  • Kidsarefuntoo
  • Mamaknowsstuff


  • Finallyorganized
  • Thecreativecloset
  • Organizingjoy
  • Oragnizingnest
  • Mamaorganizes
  • Myoraganizingcorner
  • Iorganizetoo
  • Meetmrsneat
  • Tidysavvymama
  • Thetidyattic

Home Decor

  • Colorcondo
  • Decoratingmama
  • Decorativediva
  • Nestingcolors
  • Smallkitchencraze
  • Bedroomglamour


  • Fashionablemama
  • Stylishmama
  • Fashionbella
  • Myfashionpassion
  • Fashionphase
  • Fashionfocusmom
  • Mylookbook
  • Trendymama

DIY & Crafts

  • Craftymamaloft
  • Thecraftyattic
  • Craftinginthebasement
  • Theslowcrafter
  • Craftingmyheartout
  • Katielovescrafting
  • DIYlove
  • Molliesdiy
  • DIYjoy


  • Learntosewwithcathy
  • Getfreesewinglessons
  • Becomeasewingpro
  • Sewinglessonplans
  • Sewingpatternprintables
  • Thesewingguide
  • Mendingflow
  • Needleshow
  • Stictchingglow
  • Patchingshadows
  • Hemmingrainbows
  • Tuckahem
  • Bastingmellow
  • Kattiesewingcorner
  • Jennycansew
  • Jessiesewingtips
  • Sewwithannie
  • Jennyssewingjournal
  • Sewingtipswithamy
  • Amyscutandsew
  • Patternmama
  • Thepatternlady
  • Patternsofjoy
  • Jofulpatterns
  • Littlemepatterns
  • Sewmamasew
  • Mamasewingguide
  • Easycutandsew
  • Patterncloset
  • Patternnest
  • Patternchest


  • Thesucculentmama
  • Indoorgardenlove
  • Sherryloveflowers
  • Tillingweeds
  • Mylittleflowergarden
  • Backyardorchard
  • Sowingseeds
  • Gardenjoy
  • Gardennest


  • Ohmychicken
  • Seafoodsweetness
  • Theartofchicken
  • Chickenjoy
  • Beefupyourplate
  • Ohmychocolate
  • Lavenderlove
  • Cocoandkate

Check If Your Blog Name Is Available

Once you’ve gathered some blog names, your next step is to check if it is available. Most easy-to-remember blog names are usually already taken but with a little extra leg work, you will be able to find something you like.

Use my favorite domain and hosting platform name checker below to see if your blog name is available! Remember to use only small letters plus a .com when using the domain search tool below or else it won’t work.

Find a domain starting at $0.99

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So there you go! I hope you were able to come up with the perfect blog name using the tips in this post! Thank you so much for reading and don’t forget to leave your comments below!

10 Ways To Choose The Perfect Blog Name +100 Mom Blog Name Ideas

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