About Me

Hi, my name is Erika and I am a full-time mom of 4 wonderful children. I have been blogging online from the comfort of my home for the past 8 years and have enjoyed every second of it. I’ve had my ups and downs through my blogging journey, I’ve learned a lot, failed a lot, and gained a lot financially.

There is not a day that goes by that I do not thank my lucky stars for being able to do what I do, which is to help other amazing stay-at-home moms learn and earn online while being there for their kids. Read more…

about me

About Me

It all started a little over 8 years ago when my husband lost his job and everything he owned in Liberia. He filed for bankruptcy and had to leave the country, our lives fell apart, our hopes, dreams, plans, and ongoing projects halted!

Just like that, life took a wrong turn! We had 3 kids at the time, lived in a rental apartment, had school fees to pay, and had to put food on the table! Just like soo many other people in this world, our responsibilities surpassed our income. Making ends meet was extremely difficult and I just knew it was time to find a way.

That was when I started searching online on how to make money online as a stay-at-home parent, you see, my kids were little, and leaving them to look for work was not an option. I am also a high school drop out therefore, I had to find a way.

I started learning as much as I could from youtube videos cause paying for expensive online courses was not an option. I spent days and nights taking in everything I could and implementing what I learned. I created my first blog, guess what, it failed.

I tried CPA marketing, affiliate marketing, social media marketing, blogging, freelance jobs, I tried everything and I just kept on failing. I never gave up though. I needed to find a way to make money for my family.

I started this blog and a Youtube channel and started teaching people everything I was learning and succeeding at. I made a promise to myself that I would teach others everything I learned so that they could also find a way to support their families as well.


After all my years and knowledge about making money online, after trying everything I learned, I was able to make over $200.000 dollars from blogging, affiliate marketing, and Youtube. I know that this number does not compare to what other bloggers make but it’s okay with me.

As long as I can do what I love doing and keep my head above water, I am happy. I am happy because I do not charge you for any information I share. I want to give away my knowledge for free because there are soo many people out there who cannot afford to pay for information.

I had to take 2 years off from youtube and blogging cause I had a new baby boy. He is the joy of my life and I am enjoying every moment with him. Hopefully, I am back for good and will continue providing my knowledge with all you awesome people!