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Make Money On Pinterest Without A Blog

Make Money On Pinterest Without A Blog

In this post, I will show you the fastest way to Make Money On Pinterest Without A Blog, so sit tight and let’s get this party started. So if you do not know what pinterest is or why you should start using it then you need to read this post here.

Picking Your Niche

The very first thing you need to do before you start pinning away on pinterest, is to decide on a niche, you see with pinterest, some niches are more popular than others therefore, doing your research to find out which niches have the most followers will help you get ahead of the pack. Read this post about the 27 most popular niches on pinterest to get an idea.

Next you need to consider your products, so for this method, we are going to be using a site called shopstyle collective to get products to sell on pinterest ( more on shopstyle collective below). So with shopstyle, you only have a few categories to work with, like home décor, women’s fashion and makeup so pick one of these categories that you think you might me interested in and lets move on to the next step.

Setting Up Your Profile

Now setting up your pinterest profile for business the right way is very important but requires a little bit of research and strategy upfront, it is a painful yet exciting process which you will have a lot of fun doing. Watch the complete tutorial below on how to set up your pinterest profile step by step from 0 or you can also get my e-book here ( this is me shamelessly promoting my e-book) but it is worth the 10 bucks and will help you out a lot.

Signing Up With Shopstyle Collective

Shopstyle collective is an affiliate program that pays you per click and per sale, this is why I think it is a great platform for newbies. You see with shopstyle collective, you do not have to make a sale to earn, it is really easy to get accepted into the program and you don’t need a blog, you can use your pinterest profile url to sign up.

To sign up, go to shopstyle collective, fill in your details and follow the instructions.

One problem though, you need paypal to get paid, other than that, shopstyle is a great platform to use if you want to make money on pinterest without a blog. Watch this video here to see how I pin products from shopstyle to pinterest.

Doing Your Research

So before you even think about pinning a product to pinterest, you need to do your research, you see pinterest is a search engine therefore people use it to search for new ideas and that is how you should use it too. You need to find keywords that people are searching for on pinterest before you start adding products if you want your products to get found. Watch this video to see how I find keywords to use for my products.

Pinning Your Products

Hopefully you have done your research and found your keywords, now it is time to start pinning all those awesome products. Pin with style, pin with relevancy, add irresistible pins with bright colors, your goal is to imagine yourself as your audience, “would you pin it” you need to consider this because it is really important.

Next you want to add your keywords and hashtags to your pins, you need to paint a picture of your pins using words with your keywords in them so that pinterest bots can understand what your pin is about and decide where to rank it. Hashtags are getting popular on pinterest so try adding a few.

So lets say your pin is about floral high heels, an example of your pin’s description will be,

“Floral high heels shoes for teens by jimmy choo| If you love floral shoes than you will love these pair of floral high heels shoes, they are really comfortable and will go well with dresses and skirts. #floralhighheels #floralshoes #highheelsshoes”

Just an example so be creative and last but not least, you need to save it to the right board.

Joining Group Boards

So now we are getting to the most interesting part of it all, group boards, you see, group boards are very important on pinterest, using the right group boards to promote your pins will help you  to start making sales from day 1. Watch the video below to learn how to join group boards the right way and fast.

 Ranking Your Pins

Normally pinterest will rank your pins for your keywords between 2-5 days of pinning it but you can decide where your pins should rank by using these tips I am about to give you.

Comments: So by creating dummy pinterest accounts to comment on your pins will help them rank higher in pinterest search.

Pinging:By pinging your pins will tell pinterest that your pin is popular and that they need to respect it use some of these services to ping your pins.

Sharing: By sharing your pins on your other social networks you increase your pins Backlinks which will help you rank #1 for your keywords but this works mostly well for rich pins.

Make Money On Pinterest Without A Blog By Repinning

Lastly, you need to repin your pins to all your groups boards at least twice a week this will put new eyes on them and keep them ranking longer for your keywords but most of all help you get more sales.


So this is one to make money on pinterest without a blog and it is the easiest method that you can start using today! Hope you liked this post and let me know your thoughts, stay awesome until next time.

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