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I know you all think that it takes like forever to start earning any real income from a blog and in some cases that is true when you have absolutely no idea what you are doing but in this post, I will show you step by step how to make money with a blog, so grab a cup of coffee and let’s get this party started.

How to make money with a blog

How To Make Money With A Blog

Below, we will be covering a couple of ways through which you can start making money with your blog as soon as possible, you could be a fashion blogger or you could be blogging about diapers and you would still be able to earn your first $100 bucks within your first month of blogging using the methods I’m about to show you.

I know that’s chicken change but if you had to do this on your own it would take you at least two years to earn half of that, and besides, once you learn how to make your first $100, you will find it easier to scale it up to thousands in no time!

So before we begin getting our hands dirty, there is something very important we need to cover first, TRAFFIC! To be perfectly honest with you, you can have the best blog or the most amazing content on the internet and you don’t know how to drive traffic to it, you might as well pack your bags and go home.

Don’t get all sad, that is why I am here, I will not only show you how to make money with a blog, I will also tell you how you can start driving traffic to it fast and for free too! You could either grab my e-book and learn all the step by step methods I use (which I highly recommend) or you can continue reading this post.

How To Make Money With A Blog Using Affiliate Marketing

So if you don’t know what affiliate marketing is, I urge you to read this post here before continuing this one, affiliate marketing is a great way to start making money online when you’ve just created your blog.

The best way to start promoting affiliate products on your blog is by doing review post, this is when you find a product that you have tried and believe in and then you write a review about the product letting people know your honest findings.

Now some people might find this method a little raw, and by that I mean getting straight to the point. You see most marketers believe that, you need to season your audience with a lot of free useful content to get them to trust you before you start promoting to them.

This is true and it works well, but there are ways that you can use which are less intrusive and your audience might even find your affiliate links helpful. For example, if you noticed above, I recommended my e-book which is also an affiliate link within this post, this is what I mean when I say being less intrusive.

You write a great article that helps your audience complete a certain task, and then you link to a product that could help them find more solutions to their problem. Just always make sure that whatever you are promoting is as good as you say it is, you don’t want to mislead people.

Here are some of the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners that you can start with here. Note: Always try to promote high priced items when you are starting out so that you make at least $7-10 dollars per sale.

Selling Your Own Products

The right way to start making money from your blog from day one is to have a product to sell, this is why I urge most of my followers and friends to create a digital product such as an e-book or an e-course before even setting up a blog.

Having a product to sell before creating a blog will help you keep your cards in order, like knowing what and who your audiences are, where to find them and which strategies to use to get them interested in what you have to sell.

It also helps you understand how to structure your blog and content around your product which makes promoting and selling your product an easier task. Right now you’re like nyaah!!! I don’t even know how to create a product!

Well let me tell you something, putting out a product is the easiest part, it is selling it that stinks! There are sites online where you can find quality e-books and e-courses that you can buy and reproduce them as your own.

They are known as PLR content (Private Label Rights), I use plr content all the time on some of my other sites, they are very cheap and you get 100% resell rights. Just make sure that whenever you are using plr content, rewrite them and make them your own. I use to buy plr articles.

I use gumroad which is free to host and sell my products, I just need to send traffic to it, there are other platforms like e-junkie where you can host your product but you have to set up payment methods and all that other stuff, gumroad does it all for free, they just take a small percentage on each of your sale.

How To Make Money With A Blog Using Email Marketing

Building an email list from the beginning is the best thing you could ever do for your business, did you know that you can actually make money from a very small email list? Trust me I’ve tried it, you can make sales with an email list of only 250 people!

I made the mistake of not building an email list when I started online marketing a few years ago and I really regret it, don’t make the same mistake!So how to make money with a blog using email marketing when you don’t even have a list?

Well with what I am about to show you, you can start growing an email list from day 1 of starting your blog.

Remember what I said above about PLR content? Well it is that easy, you find an e-book that is in your niche, which solves an immediate problem and you create a landing page which you would send traffic to and get people to signup for your e-book in exchange.

This is how everyone does it, people want something valuable for their email addresses, no one is just gonna give you their email address without getting something in return unless they really like you. So for email service providers, I recommend Getresponse which is a paid service but has a 30 day free trial, I use them on one of my blogs and they are awesome.

There are other free services that lets you collect up to 2000 subscribers like Mailchimp, which I also use and SumoMe, I didn’t have the money to pay for an ESP when I was starting out so I had to go with the free ones and they work fine. But if you want your business to look more liget from the get go, getresponse or convertkit are the ones I recommend.

Make Money From Ads

So the next one is with ads, Adsense ads, Amazon ads and other ad networks can be used on your blog to earn a few hundred bucks a month. That said, to be able to earn any real money with ads, you need to have at least 50.000 views on your blog per month depending on your niche to earn a $100 dollars.

So that is why I recommend CPA offers as ads, if you do not know what CPA marketing is, you need to read this post here before continuing. CPA marketing is one of the best ways to monetize your site and you make a lot of money promoting CPA offers.

The trick is to find CPA offers that are related to your content and recommend them to your audience, you can get paid anywhere from $1-$40 dollars per clicks and sign ups, so CPA marketing is definitely the way to go if you want to start making money fast with your blog.

The CPA networks I use are Awin, Peerfly, CPA grip and CPAlead, so as much as I recommend using CPA marketing for ads, there are a few drawbacks to this method, first, you need to constantly change your links manually and you need to know your demographics.

You see with CPA marketing, each offer has an expiring date and can only be promoted to a specific country, therefore not all the clicks will earn you money if you are using worldwide traffic, but don’t worry, for your main traffic source below, you will be able to choose exactly what type of traffic you want to drive to your blog.

How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog For Free

Now that we have covered some of the best methods used by thousands of bloggers out there, myself included to make money blogging, it is now time for the good stuff, TRAFFIC!

So if you guys don’t already know my favorite source of traffic, it is pinterest! Pinterest is the best platform that you can use to drive thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people to your site every month depending on your niche. So if you don’t know what pinterest is, read this post here, and to learn how to use pinterest for business, read this one here. To also find out the most popular niches on pinterest, read this post here.

Now that you are equipped with all of this info, I really think you should get my e-book so that you can start driving traffic and making sales as soon as possible. So with pinterest, you can choose which country you want your audience to come from which makes it great for CPA marketing.

Other platforms I use to drive traffic to my blogs are google+ and through my facebook pages, though I don’t really get a lot of traffic from facebook unless I use facebook ads which can get really expensive quickly!

Here are some other links to help you generate more traffic from pinterest fast:


I hope this post helped you learn exactly how to make money with a blog within your first month of blogging, if you try these methods, I can guarantee that you will be well over $200 dollars within your first month of blogging.

how to make money with a blog


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