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In this post, I will show you exactly How To Find Your Audience Interests On Pinterest and what to do with it once you find it. Finding your audience interest and using it to your advantage can help you grow quickly on pinterest, increase engagement on your pins and drive traffic back to your website.

How To Find Your Audience Interests On Pinterest

How To Find Your Audience Interests On Pinterest

If you are new to pinterest, you might not even know about audience interest or why it is important to utilize this option, most people think that it is significant to those who run pinterest ads but that is not the case. Pinterest audience interest data is available to everyone who has a pinterest business account so let us begin by covering what pinterest audience interest is below.

What Is Pinterest Audience Interest?

Pinterest audience interest is a specific data that is gathered by pinterest bots which shows you exactly what your followers/audience are interested in, which topics they follow and what brands they engage with. This data is there to help you understand how your audience interacts with different categories on pinterest.

Why Is Pinterest Audience Interest Important

So why is pinterest audience interest so important? Well let’s put it this way, What if you had an impressive profile on pinterest, very beautiful images with lots of followers but no one really engages with your content? This means that you are pinning blind, it means that you are showing people what you want them to see instead of what they want to see, this leads to less engagements.

You see, with social media, search engines or video platforms, the more engagement your content gets, the more the platform shows your content to more people and gets pushed higher up the ranks therefore finding your audience interest and curating your content around those interest can significantly boost the amount of engagement and drive massive traffic back to your website, landing pages, offers or other online content.

So How To Find Your Audience Interests On Pinterest?

The audience interest page is divided into three sections, it is important to study the first section of the audience interest because this is where you find specific categories that your audience are most interested in.

Step 1

Go to your pinterest profile and in the upper right corner of your screen, hover over the analytics tab and select “people you reach” option.

Once you are on your demographics page you want to select the “interest” tab:

By clicking on the interest tab, three sections of information will pop up, for this tutorial, we will be focusing on the first section:

Now this is where it get’s interesting, by clicking on any of the boxes shown in the image above, subcategories will open up, let’s say you clicked on hairstyles:

This is what you will find, subcategories for hairstyles and the amount of followers that this particular topic has on pinterest, each of these subcategories has a specific group of followers as well: Let’s say you selected twist braids:

Here it shows you that twist braids has 38.000 followers, creating a board called “twist braids” with images that contain those keywords in their description could lead to 38.000 people potentially seeing and engaging with your pin!

So What To Do After You Find Your Audience Interest?

Now that you have found out what your followers and audience are interested in, your next move is to find subcategories of a specific topic and create boards on those topics, this will increase your pin reach.

The reason you want to create boards picking subcategories is because in most cases, the main topic/main category will be highly competitive therefore making it almost impossible for your pins to rank higher or show up in pinterest search.

Next you want to add keywords to your board description using keywords in that category, also your first 10 pins on your new board should be other people’s pins in that particular category, this will help your board to rank higher.

Another tip is to target subcategories that are relevant to your offers, products or content, that way you will find it much easier to create images or content around that topic. You also want to add descriptions to your pins using the guided search in that particular subcategory to your pins.

How to use the guided search to add descriptions to your pins?

So lets say you typed in twist braids in the pinterest search bar and clicked enter:

Pinterest shows you exactly what people search for, these are keywords that you can use in your pin descriptions so that people can find your pins. So if your pin was on twist braids for women, your pin description would be ” Long Jamaican twist braids for black women” Watch the video below if you are a visual learner.

So this is how to find your audience interest on pinterest, I hope this tutorial helped you in any way, please leave your comment below, I love to hear what your thoughts are. Don’t forget to subscribe for more cool tutorials, subscribe to my youtube channel here, follow me on pinterest here and over all, stay awesome!

how o find your audience interest on pinterest


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