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Hey everyone, in the last post we covered how to find a profitable niche using free tools, today we will be going over how to find the best domain name for your blog. If you have not read the first post yet, you can do so here before continuing with this one.

How To Find The Best Domain Name For Your Blog

What Is A Domain Name?

A domain name is the name of your website, it is what your readers will type into the search bar to be able to find your website, it is also a short description of what your site/blog is all about. Choosing the right domain name for your blog from the beginning is very important because it is what will represent your business or brand to the world.

There are two important factors to keep in mind when trying to pick a domain name:

1. Your domain name should be search engine friendly- having a descriptive keyword in your domain name that tells search engines what your blog is all about is a great way to get your site ranked higher for that specific key phrase.You never want to choose a random name for your blog, this is why niche research is necessary before trying to find a domain name.

2. Your domain should be memorable-having a memorable domain name will help your customers/audience find you easily, a great example of a memorable domain name is and

How To Find The Best Domain Name For Your Blog

To find your domain name, we will be using one of the best free tools online to help you generate a list of ideas that you can choose from. The whole process is quick and painless, so don’t break a sweat, we will be over before you know it!

Step 1. Grab your keywords that you generated from your niche research, my keywords were “arm weight loss” this exact match keywords are getting 27.000 monthly searches in google alone and my competition is really low.

Step 2. Next you want to open up this website and paste in your keywords without spacing like the image below and hit search:

Now this bot will generate tons of domain name for your blog and will also show you which ones are available:

This is what your result will look like, you want to add creative keywords that describe your business and does not have to be an exact match. This tool can save you hours of research and help you generate hundreds of domain names in no time.

Where To Buy A Domain Name For Your Blog

There are several domain name registrars online that you can choose from but I always recommend godaddy, after years of using this company, I can honestly say that they are awesome. I have never had problems with my domains, they have great customer service and you can easily get in contact with them by phone if you ever need to. So to purchase your domain, follow the steps below.

Note: All web hosting service providers offer a free lifetime domain, so you might want to consider that before going forward with this step.

Go to and type in the name of your choosing in the search bar and click on search:

Your result will look something like this:

Select your domain if it is available and add it to cart, note: sometimes your selected domain will not be available therefore you can browse through the related options provided by godaddy or you can consider searching for a new one.

Whichever domain name you decide to go with, just make sure that it is a .com, .org or a .net.

Now that you have found your domain, and added it to cart, it is time to move on to the next page. Here you want to un check the following options: Linux web hosting, start your website for free, privacy protection and create an email that matches your domain option. Just deselect all of them because you really don’t need them.

No select continue to cart and on the next page you want to choose the the 2 year plan, that way you get charged 99 cent for your first year and $10 dollars for the second year, with a few dollars for taxes you would only pay around $14 dollars.

Before proceeding to checkout, you want to add a coupon code which you can find here, cause we want to save as much as we can. So once you copy your coupon code, you can paste it into the promotional code section on the page above. Let move on to the next step, click on proceed to checkout. On the next page you will add your payment information and voila, you have a domain name!

So this is How To Find The Best Domain Name For Your Blog, I hope you found this post helpful, I would love to hear your thoughts, as always stay awesome and thanks for reading!

How To Find The Best Domain Name For Your Blog

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