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Mega List Of Over 100 Free Tools For Bloggers And Website OwnersMega List Of Over 100 Free Tools For Bloggers And Website Owners

Complete list of free tools that every blogger and website owner should have in their arsenal. This is a very long list so get ready to be blown away, go get that cup of….whatever kicks your boots off and let’s get this party started!

This post may contain affiliate links, no it doesn’t, except for one, you be the judge!

free toolsFree Tools For Research

Ubersuggest is a free keyword research tool that I think all bloggers should have in their toolbox, typing in a keyword will bring out tons of related terms that people are searching for. To get the full benefits of ubersuggest, you need to use it with another tool called keywords everywhere which I talk about below.

Keywords everywhere is a free alternative to Google Adwords and other premium keyword research tools. It gives you the cost per click and competition for any keyword or key phrases that people search for on Google. By adding and activating this tool to your toolbar and using it along with ubersuggest, you will find low competition long tail keywords to use for your blog post, articles, videos and ads.

Keywordshitter  hahaha I can’t help but laugh at the name of this site, anyway keywordshitter is a free bulk keywords research tool that you can use along with keywords everywhere to find tons of longtail keywords for all of your projects. I like this tool cause it is so easy to use and it is completely free!

Quantcast is a free site that you can use to help you understand your audience and learn more about their interest, this helps you create content that your audience will love. Quantcast pulls in data about your audience location, gender, age and a lot of other cool information almost similar to Alexa premium services.

Google Adwords keywords planner is and will always be the best free keyword research tool online but lately, there are some news going around the web that adwords only provides accurate data to advertisers. But like everything online, nothing is really 100% accurate so you have to turn to your very own judgement 98% of the time.

Google Trends is one of the tools that I use to find topics that are trending during specific times of the year, you can also find trending topics to blog and vlog about which is a great tactic for generating huge amounts of traffic to your content in a very short amount of time.

Socialblade is a sophisticated video spy/research tool that you can use to find information on any you tube channel or video. If you are tempting to enter the waters of video marketing than you want to make this site your new best friend. It is free to use and you don’t even need to sign up.

I almost forgot vidiq and tubebuddy, both of which are really awesome tools to help you grow your youtube channel fast!

free toolsFree Seo Tools

Small Seo Tools offers you all the tools you need to improve your website seo, it shows you website page and domain rankings, your back links and it also has a ton of other useful free tools like plagiarism checker, converts videos to gif, keyword suggestion tool, long tail keyword suggestion tool, broken link checker tool, a free online ping tool and so much more!

Seo Review Tools offers you a set of free tools similar to small seo tools, to help you understand your site’s performance and help you improve it further. Seo Review Tools has a set of free tools to help you keep track of your competitors in search.

Similarweb is an awesome seo tool that helps you gather data on your competitors website and traffic sources. This is a very handy tool that is very useful for spying on your competitors by seeing their global rank, their traffic source, their traffic geographics, their referral traffic and referral keywords

Free Tools For Writing Great ContentFree Tools For Writing Great Content

Grammerly is a free tool that you can use to edit your blog post to find and remove unnecessary sentences and phrases, this tool is a must use tool for all bloggers and content creators. Grammerly has a premium version that comes with other cool options but the free plan works just as well for beginner bloggers.

Evernote is another great app for saving ideas for your blog post and articles until you are ready to actually create your post. Using Evernote is really easy, have an idea for a blog post, just pull up that bad boy and start jotting them down! You will find yourself coming up with tons of content before you know it. Did I mention that you can download their app to your ios or android device?

Hemmingwayapp is similar to grammerly only this tool works magic when it comes to getting rid of long and boring sentences without breaking a sweat. I am not sure if this site has a premium plan but the free version works really well.

Hubspot Topic Generator is a free site that you can use to come up with catchy blog post and articles headlines similar to headline analyzer below, you can simple put in a seed keyword and watch this tool work its magic. Now you have no more excuses to come up with highly clickable headlines for your blog post.

Headline Analizer is an awesome free tool used to check and create compelling headlines for your blog post and articles. Using this tool along with the hubspot blog topic generator tool will help you come up with catchy and click worthy blog post titles in no time!

Clickbait title generator by seopressor is a great tool for generating blog post titles that your audience can’t resist clicking on. Data shows that by causing curiosity, you can increase your click-through rate by 80%, this is why using clickbait titles should be one of your main focus when creating content.

Free Tools For Email MarketingFree Tools For Email Marketing

Mailchimp is a free and paid service used by thousands of bloggers and website owners, myself included, to collect email addresses of your customers and send out automated newsletters. Mailchimp is free up to 2000 subscribers which is more than enough if you are just starting out, even if you do decide to upgrade, they have really cheap plan starting at $10 dollars per month.

Sumome is a free plugin that I use to collect email addresses from my subscribers, it is really simple to set up even for newbies and does not require tech skills to run. I suggest that if you are already using sites like mailchimp or getresponse, you do not really need sumome because these email service providers also have options to create pop up forms to collect emails as well.

Reachmail is a very simple and easy to use email service provider for beginners, they make it so easy to start sending emails even if you have never used a computer in your life! This cool platform allows you to collect up to 5000 emails and send out 15.000 emails per month with their free plan which I think is really awesome for new bloggers.

Sendinblue is a french email service provider that allows you to collect unlimited email addresses and send up to 9000 emails to your list per month with their free plan. This is so awesome for those who want to test out email marketing for the first time. I have not used this service so I cannot vouch for it but I have heard a lot of good things about it.

Free Tools For List BuildingFree Tools For List Building

Popups By OptinMonster is a free tool that allows you to create high converting optin forms, You can easily create different types of WordPress popup forms. Sadly, only the pro version allows you to create  floating headers and footer bars, slide-ins also known as scroll triggered boxes, sidebar forms, after post forms, in-line forms, mobile-specific forms, welcome gates and more.

Chimpmate is Mailchimps own free plugin for WordPress that you can use to collect emails, now this plugin is an awesome email marketing tool with over 7 million users. if you already have a free MailChimp account, setting up Chimpmate will be a walk in the park! You can download chimpmate by using the link above or from your WordPress plugins page.

Hellobar is a free and simple WordPress plugin that allows you greet visitors with a call to action at the top or the bottom of your blog/website. This plugin works miracles in converting your traffic to leads, it is without a doubt, one of the best free tools for list building online.

Comment Redirect is a free plugin that allows you to redirect anyone who leaves the first comment on your blog post to your desired page or custom link your site. You can send your users to optin pages, affiliate offers, your recent blog post or you could simply thank them for commenting and being awesome. First comment redirect also has the option to redirect all your commenters.

Free Pinging Sites That I UseFree Pinging Sites That I Use

Putting out content regularly is hard but what’s even harder is not having people viewing your content. Getting traffic to a brand new blog or getting search engines to notice your blog requires you to constantly put your content out there. This is where pinging services comes in, pinging your blog and blog post on a regular basis forces content recognition.

Now there are a lot of free tools that you can use to ping your blog post right after you hit the publish button but the following list of sites below are the ones that I use. Tip: I have seen an incredible rise on my YouTube videos views just from pinging my videos after I publish them.










Free Tools For Social Media Marketing & AutomationFree Tools For Social Media Marketing & Automation

Free Tools For Twitter

Tweriod is one of the best free tools for twitter, it tells you exactly when your twitter followers are online at specific times of the day. If you are using social media to promote your business then you know how important it is to get your content in front of the right audience at the right time and tweriod will help you do just that!

Socialoomph started out as a free automation tool for twitter and still is to an extent, you can still schedule tweets, track your keywords, save and reuse drafts, shorten urls and track your clicks,purge direct messages from your inbox, delete all tweets from your profile and use up to 5 twitter accounts with the free plan.

Manage Filter is a really awesome twitter management tool that you need to have in your toolbox, this tool allows you to unfollow people in bulk and automatically tweet out your google plus post to your twitter account with the free plan. With manage filter paid plan, you have tons of options to help you grow your twitter account dramatically!

Buffer is a social media management tool that helps you automate all your social media post in one place, scheduling your post to go out at certain times of the day has never been easier. Buffer is free to use but limited to only 3 social platforms, to access  of its features you will need to upgrade to a premium plan. Don’t let that stop you from taking advantage of its free features though.

Click to tweet is a WordPress plugin that allows you to easily create tweetable text for your readers. You can pull quotes from the body of your blog post to highlight your content for your audience and make it easier for them to share on Twitter.

Free Tools For PinterestFree Tools For Pinterest

Pinfollow is another free site that you can use to unfollow people who are not following you back on pinterest, Just sign up with your pinterest account and you are good to go. You can use pinfollow to unfollow up to 500 people per day and it is 100% free.

Pingroupie is a free site that you can use to find group boards in any niche to join on pinterest, if you are promoting your business on pinterest then you know that group boards are vital to your success. You can find high quality group boards using pingoupie for free.

Tailwind is actually a premium app that also has a free forever plan, although the free plan has very limited options, you can still use it to schedule up to 100 pins per month. So if you are new to tailwind, it is an automation tool for pinterest and instagram. I actually used this tool to automate my pinning throughout the day for some of my pinterest accounts.

Pages 2 Images is a free tool that lets you capture images on desktop to save to pinterest right away or take a screenshot of your desktop to share with anyone. This site has a free chrome extension that you can add to your browser which makes capturing so much easier.

Free Tools For InstagramFree Tools For Instagram

Photo Editor by Aviary gives you the opportunity to enhance your photos with a single tap, add stickers, text and effects to your images with the free version. It is one of the go to apps for instagram users to quickly edit their images before uploading them to their instagram profiles.

PicFlow allows you to easily create 15 second videos/slide shows for instagram in 3 simple steps. All you have to do is select the images you want to use, choose your music and select the duration of the video by tapping on it and adding how long each image should last on-screen.

StoriesAds helps you create instagram stories ads for free using pre-made templates, if you are into instagram marketing, you should be using this app because of its high-definition backgrounds and highly converting templates which are all free to use for a limited time!

Display Purposes is a free tool for finding hashtags to use for your Instagram posts. Simply type in a few hashtags related to your post and Display Purposes will generate a list of popular hashtags that are relevant to your topic. I personally think that this site can save you time and help you grow your audience faster than you would without it.

Everyone wants to know how well they are doing with their online efforts especially if you run a business, it is very important to understand how your audience or customer consume your brand. This is where tools like Squarelovin comes in. Squarelovin has a free Instagram insights tool that provides you with your engagement and growth metrics, shows your posting history, and suggests the best times to post.

Free Tools For FacebookFree Tools For Facebook

Toolkit for facebook chrome extension is an amazing tool that has a huge collection of automation  tools you need for your facebook page or profile. With this tool, you can unfriend, unfollow, bulk delete comments, remove facebook likes, cancel all friend request, invite friends to like your page, send multiple friend request, accept all friend request at once, download facebook videos and so much more!

Manychat is a free facebook automation tool that sends out messages and auto responds to messages sent to you by your followers. You must have a facebook page for this tool to work though, manychat has a paid version but the free plan works just as well.

Free Tools For Editing Your ImagesFree Tools For Editing Your Images

Piktochart is a free web-based application that you can use to create high quality infographics even if you know nothing about graphic design. You can create as many graphics as you need for your business with thousands of cool icons and templates all from within piktochart’s online editor. Piktochart also has a premium plan but the free version works just as well.

Canva is my go to tool for creating social media graphics and images for my blog post. Canva is free to and very easy to use even if you have not created a single image in your life, this awesome site come’s with pre made templates and fonts which you can use to pop up an image in no time.

Picmonkey is another great image editing site that you can use to edit your photos and create infographics, blog post images and images for your social media platforms. Picmonkey has a premium plan that comes with other cool options but I always use the free option and it works great.

Pixlr is an excellent free online version of photoshop, this site makes it extremely easy to remove backgrounds from images using layers, it comes with tons of free tools like free fonts, free graphics, borders, overlays and best of all, wait.. wait for it…. it’s completely free!

Befunky is an online image editing tool that lets you edit your images, apply photo effects, and is used mostly for creating collages. It has a lot of options to set your photos apart from the crowd.

Fotor is a free online photo editing tool that you can use to add filters to your images, frames, text, stickers, add different effects to your images and create awesome photo collages in different sizes for all of your social platforms. Fotor is really simple to use and it does not require any previous knowledge in graphic design.

Ipiccy is a free online image editing tool that makes it easy to create graphic designs, edit photos, create collages. It has hundreds of different photo effects, templates, backgrounds, overlays, stickers and some really stunning text effects.

Gimp is a free open source downloadable image editing software that you can use offline to edit your images and create cool graphics right from your desktop.

Pizap is a free online image editing site that you can use to create graphics, collages, edit images. add clip arts to photos, design and add text to images and it has some awesome design tools. Pizap is free to use but there is also a pro version which I have never used. is a free photo editor that allows you to add instant touches to your photos, edit images, add fun effects, cartoon effects, automatic face retouch, create avatars from your images and so much more. also has a free app that you can use on your mobile device to edit your images faster.

Photo505 is one of the few free tools online that you can use to create digital effects with your photos, this cool photo editor comes with a library full of ready-made effects to add to your images.

Photoeditor.polarr is an online photo editor that is great for editing images, creating images, creating effects, adding text to images and over all, one of the best free image editing tools online today.

Free ImagesFree Images

Pixabay is my top guy when it comes to getting free images for my projects. I have been using pixabay to get thousands of images for the past 3 years now and I can honestly say that if you want high-resolution images, they got you covered, want modern and youthful images, they got you covered, whatever your niche, you can bet your shirt you will find what you are looking for on pixabay! I just love these guys!

Pexels is similar to pixabay, you can find and use free stock images with no attribution or signup requirements. All images from pexels is free for personal and commercial use so go ahead and start spicing your online space up with these cool images.

Designerpics is a site that offers free downloadable images, you can find some great high-resolution images on designerpics and they are all free for personal and commercial use with no attribution or registration necessary.

Foodiesfeed is free for everyone, whether you are a graphic designer, social media manager, food blogger or you just need new food images regularly, Foodiesfeed is a great resource of free high-resolution images for personal and commercial use.

Freemediagoo is a royalty free stock image portal to find thousands of high-resolution images for your next project. This site does not require registration or attribution to download images and their images are free to use personally or commercially.

Jaymantri is a site that offers royalty free photos for you to use on your blog, the owner of this site post new images every week to his gallery and offers it to anyone who want to use it. There is no registration or attribution required to download images from Jaymantri.

Resplashed id definitely where you need to go if you want to find some really awesome free high-resolution images for you blog post or your youtube videos. No attribution or registration required and their images are free for commercial and personal use.

Rgbstock is a site that has over a hundred thousand free images for you to download, this site has been around for a while now and is not getting the kind of fame it is supposed to. You would be surprised by the kind of high-resolution images you can find on here. Rgbstock does not require you to register or attribute their photos.

Skitterphoto is cool despite the name, you can find some awesome high-resolution images on the skitter! Go check it out and see for yourself! Free to use, no attribution or registration required and I like the way everything feels so cool, calm and collective on the skitter!

Stockvault is awesome if you have a thing for bright and cheerful. I think this site is one of the best when it comes to free high-resolution images online.

Unsplash is similar to pixabay with thousands of royalty free images to choose from, I think you can find some really cool images on here that you won’t find anywhere else online. Unsplash images are free for commercial and personal use with no attribution or registration requirements.

Best Free Blogging SitesBest Free Blogging Sites

Medium is a social networking slash blogging slash content creation platform made especially for people with a thing for writing. Not all types of post do well on medium, if you want to experience the full potential of this platform, get ready to write your fingers to death cause readers on medium expect the long content! That said, affiliate links are allowed, networking is allowed but no monetization methods available.

Blogger is my top recommendation when it comes to free blogging platforms, now I know a lot of people don’t like blogger because of how ugly and old it looks but hear me out. Blogger blogs and post rank really well on google search, you can use any and I mean any affiliate link on blogger, you have a total of 15 gigabytes of free space (which is unheard of) and finally, you can customize it any way you choose and monetize it with google adsense.

WordPress is another cool free blogging platform, a modern version of blogger that also ranks really well on google search but I would only use this platform for personal blogs or as a web 2.0 asset for creating back links to my money sites. does not allow affiliate links, you only have 3 gb of free space to use, you cannot use google Adsense but you can customize it with tons of awesome themes.

Hubpages is a another great option similar to blogger, you can use affiliate links from any network, earn revenue share from Hubpages in-house ads, network with other Hubpages users, and finally, Hubpages usually rank on the first page of google.

Tumblr is similar to pinterest and instagram but with a twist, this is a free image sharing/blogging platform that you can use to create mini blogs, create backlinks and drive traffic back to your main content or sites. All affiliate links are allowed on tumblr and you can add your Adsense code to show ads on your tumblr profile.

Free Tools For Branding Your Online PresenceFree Tools For Branding Your Online Presence

Color Calculator Completely free and awesome tool to find complementary colors to use for your graphics and images.

Colorhexa is a free resource that you can use to find information about any color and generate matching complimentary colors for your designs or projects.

Palette Creator is a free tool that you can use to grab color codes from any site or image. With this tool, you can easily find the color codes of images on pinterest to create your own version, kinda cool isn’t it?

If you are looking for free fonts to use on your blog or website then I just might have what you need, these sites below will allow you to download thousands of fonts completely free for commercial and personal use!

Google fonts



Graphic Design Junction

Tech Radar

If you do not know how to add custom fonts to your blog or website, watch this video here.

Free Tools For Course CreationFree Tools For Course Creation

Udemy is, if you don’t already know, is a platform that allows you to create and sell online courses. When you create a course on Udemy, they promote it to their audience either through their email list or through advertising. Once people enroll in your course, you both get paid  certain percentage Visitors can then choose to purchase your course and Udemy takes a percentage of the sale.

Skillshare is a free platform that you can use to start creating and selling online courses to millions of students worldwide. As an instructor on skillshare, you get paid whenever you refer students through your skillshare affiliate link and also, you earn royalties whenever someone enrolls into any of your classes. (I tried to teach on here but the only payout method for instructors is paypal)

Teachable is similar to gumroad (below) it is free to host and sell your digital products like e-books and e-courses as long as you are willing to let them have a small percentage of your sale (10%). Using the paid plan will reduce that amount to 3.5% but they will promote your products for you along with other options. (I have not tried either the free nor the paid but I hear awesome things about them)

Gumroad is a free and paid platform that allows creators to sell their digital products online. Gumroad makes it so easy for you to start selling your products literally within minutes, yes there are premium plans on gumroad but if you have a way of promoting your own products than the free version will do just fine.

Push Notification ToolsPush Notification Tools

OneSignal wordpress plugin is one of the best free push notification solution for bloggers and website owners, it allows you to show a pop up box on your site that ask your users if they would like to receive notifications on their desktop each time you publish a new post.

So This concludes the complete list of free tools to help you grow your online presence, I use most of these tools every single day and they have helped me get where I am, so stay awesome and I hope you didn’t gobble down a barrel of coffee while reading this post! Ya gotta stay healthy to make moneyyyy!

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