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About Me

Meet The Face Behind It All

Hi, I’m Erika!

I am the owner/editor of start a mommy blog, an entrepreneur, a mom to three little beautiful girls, a wife to an amazing husband and I work and earn an extra income online.

I started this site because I want to help other full-time moms like myself learn how to generate an extra income online. It all started when my husband lost his job about 4 years ago, we weren’t rich but we were able to provide a decent life for our children. As months flew by, our savings flew as well and about a year later, we were nearly drowning in debt.

The search was on! I had to find a way to make money, I had absolutely no idea how I was gonna do it but I just knew that giving up and waiting for handouts was not an option! Months went by and nothing! Nada!

By then I had gone through almost every YouTube video about making money online, spent hundreds of borrowed dollars on countless online courses and still, I wasn’t making a dime! It was frustrating, I spent hours and sleepless nights trying to crack the code.

I had almost given up hope when I made my first 7 dollar commission on amazon, I got so excited, I remember shouting so hard that my kids thought I had gone mad! Those 7 dollars made me realize for certain the possibility of earning a living online.

Now thankfully, I am happy to say that I am finally generating a good income online and I can see myself making six figures in the next few years. So back to why I created this site, you. You are the reason, Your kids are the reason, You deserve financial freedom, You are entitled to a comfortable lifestyle so do not settle for less.

I am not promising you that it is going to be easy, there are no push button solutions for making money online, you have to be prepared to put in the work. I can only show you the road but you have to walk on it. Having a mentor to show you the ropes is much easier than having to learn it all on your own.

There is money to be made on the internet but sadly, the gurus are only interested in you spending it! Bunch of scammy marketers trying to line their pockets with your hard-earned money! I do not want to sell you anything, at least not anything that is irrelevant to your success.

So if you are interested in building an online business with me, use the form below, subscribe to my blog and begin your journey!