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The Amazon Associates program offers bloggers, website owners and affiliate marketers around the world an awesome opportunity to earn an extra income online. In this post, I will show you 6 different ways to make money with Amazon Associates Program Successfully starting today!

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6 ways to make money with amazon associates program

6 Ways To Make Money With Amazon Associates Program

Amazon associates is an affiliate program that is used by many bloggers and affiliate marketers all around the globe to promote products and earn commissions. It is one of the most trusted affiliate program online to date and there are millions of products that you can promote no matter what your niche is.

There are many ways to make money with amazon associates program but I will be covering 6 of the best methods that I use to generate extra income online. Before you read further, there are a couple of points to consider.

  1. Amazon associates commission rate is very low compared to other affiliate networks, the highest percentage they offer on products is 10%
  2. Amazon pay out their associates monthly earnings 60 days after the month ends therefore do not expect to get paid for November until the end of January.
  3. Receiving your earnings in certain countries can be extremely difficult therefore you need to consider using sites that offer virtual bank accounts in the USA to be able to receive your payments on time. I use Payoneer.

Building A Niche Site

Using a single product to build a niche site around, is probably one of the fastest way to start making money with amazon, most affiliate marketers are making tens of thousands of dollars each and every single month just by finding simple items on amazon and building niche blogs or websites around them.

This method requires a little bit of an upfront investment and research for you to be successful though. Now you are by no means going to get rich off of one niche website, but once you understand how it works and start making money, you can rinse and repeat the process to scale up to building a pack of niche sites that will bring in recurring income month after month.

Promoting The Amazon Associates Bounty Program

So a lot of people don’t really talk about Amazon’s bounty program, but it is actually a really great way to earn some pretty awesome commissions. You see, with the bounty program, you get paid a flat fee whenever you get people to sign up for amazon’s free trials.

Yes you heard me right, I said free trials! Now if you are anything like me, I love free stuff, if I can sign up to try something completely free for 30 days, I would be all over it before you can say jack! So back to the reason why you’re here, promoting amazon free trials on pinterest is a great way to start earning fast.

You could get paid up to $10 dollars per sign up with some of their bounties, but the main ones I promote on pinterest are the free movie trials, free audio book trials and the free wedding registry trials and they work like a charm if you know how to set it all up. Watch the video below where I show you exactly how I do it.

Amazon Associates Ads Program

As much as I love Google Adsense for generating a few hundred dollars per month from showing ads on my sites, I love amazon ads better because of its high conversion rates. You see amazon puts a tracking pixel on its visitors therefore whatever they view while on amazon follows them around the internet while they surf.

Lets say you went to amazon and checked out a pair of shoes but you didn’t buy it, an ad with that exact same shoe will be shown to you when you visit other sites with amazon ad widgets on them.

And research shows that people get more attached to something or someone the more they see it. Amazon also has something known as upsells, it’s when you go to purchase an item and you get an ad telling you that “people who bought this item also purchased this” so instead of the person checking out with one item, they could also buy that other item as well.

Now what does this have to do with amazon ads? Well for starters, you get paid a certain amount per 1000 impressions on the ads itself, a 24 hour cookie is placed on the persons browser if they click-through to amazon and didn’t buy but went back later and bought something else you get a commission of the sale and last but not least, you get a cut of everything in their cart when they checkout. So you get paid commissions if they bought 1 item or 10 items.

So I do recommend amazon ad widgets within your blog post and within your sidebar as well.

Promoting Amazon Associates Products Directly On To Pinterest

This is actually one of the easiest way to start making money quickly with amazon associates program, the process is as simple as 123.That is if you already have a pinterest account with a few followers and an amazon associates account.

While you can just grab any product and start promoting it on pinterest, I always recommend that you do your homework before you start pinning away.

All you have to do is find keywords and phrases that people are searching for on pinterest before finding products on amazon for those keywords. Next you want to pin the products and add your keywords to the description of the pin along with hashtags.

This will make the pin rank and help your product get found amongst the billions on pins on pinterest. Watch the video above to see how I add keywords and hashtags to my pins.

Make Money With Amazon Associates Program By Writing Review Post

Another great method I’ve used to make money with amazon associates program is writing review post, this works great when you have actually tried the product yourself, it just makes reviewing the product so much easier.

That said, you can just as easily review the product without testing it by doing a bit of research, you always want to recommend high quality items to your readers if you want to be trusted. The easiest way I’ve found that works like a charm is by using reviews left on the product itself by people who actually bought the product.

Finding bestselling items with tons of reviews is the right way to go if you want a higher conversion rate because once your customers lands on the product page and see that so many other people are satisfied with the product, they will be inspired to buy it as well.

Adding An Amazon Product Widget To Your Sidebar

Adding amazon product widgets to your sidebar can increase your sales dramatically if you take the time to set it up correctly. Let’s say you are in the home decor niche and 80% of your readers are women in their late 30s, now what do you think those women could be interested in?

Women in their 30s are usually moms with young kids, so most moms with young children could be interested in childcare, home decor, kitchen appliances, kids wear, or anything that has to do with making a better home for their family.

By understanding your target audience, you will know what to promote to them, set up custom widgets with products that your audience might be interested in, this is why it is very important to do your homework before setting up a blog.

Watch this video here to learn how to set up amazon custom widgets and place them on your sidebar.


So this is how to make money with amazon associates program, by following these methods, I guarantee that you will see an increase in sales as soon as possible. So as usual I hope you like this post and if you did, you want to check out my other post on make money pinning on pinterest. Don’t forget to follow me on pinterest cause you are that awesome!




Make money with amazon associates program with these 6 extremely smart methods. Amazon associates program make's it so easy for bloggers and affiliate marketers from anywhere in the world to start making money fast online!


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