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If you are new to making money online or thinking of ways to make money online, this article will help you by walking you through all the different methods that are used by myself and every other online marketer on the planet to earn the Moolahs online!

This is gonna be one of the longest, awesome, a shit load of info, exciting and interesting list you have read in a while so I urge you to go ahead and grab a cup of tea, coffee, vodka, whiskey or whatever rows your boat!

Note: This post may contain affiliate links through which I earn commissions to get rich online! Lol just kidding, I meant “keep the site running”

50 ways to make money online50 Ways To Make Money Online

Blogging is one of the best ways to make money online that said, it may take anywhere from 6 months up to a year to start generating passive income from your blog. Don’t let this fact discourage you from at least trying because blogging is one of the best ways to:

  • Promote Your Business
  • Grow Your Email List
  • Promote Affiliate Products
  • Promote CPA Offers
  • Earn consistent revenue from advertisement once you have an audience.

Affiliate Marketing to date is one of the fastest ways to make money online regardless of what anyone tells you. When I started my online journey 3 years ago, it was with affiliate marketing that I earned my first $7 dollars and boy was it a joy! You can read more on how to start affiliate marketing here

CPA Marketing is similar to affiliate marketing but with a twist, you see with CPA marketing, you usually don’t have to sell anything, you only need to get people to enter in their email addresses and you get paid a certain fee. More on CPA marketing here.

Video Marketing is when you combine Affiliate marketing, CPA marketing, Adsense and Content marketing together to make money. The idea is to create videos that provide value and use them as a way to drive traffic to your content, products, and offers. YouTube is what you should be focusing on if you decide to target Video marketing. More on that here.

Social Media Marketing is when you create and grow large followings on social media through which you use to drive traffic back to your landing pages, offers, blog, youtube channel, affiliate products and CPA offers. In 2018 Social media marketing has become the #1 method of promotion for 90% of all businesses online! More on the matter here.

Email marketing– As the saying goes, “the money is in the list” you better believe it because after all is said and done, email marketing has made millionaires out of ordinary people just like you and I. Email marketing is when you use blogging, social media marketing, and video marketing to build a list of email addresses which you can use to promote Affiliate products and CPA products to. More on the subject here.


Flipping Ways To Make Money Online

Flipping Websites is nothing new, this method of generating revenue online has been around since I could spell encyclopedia backward -(aidepolcycne) just so you know I can LOL. So website flipping is when you build a website from scratch, add content and generate consistent traffic to it then sell it on sites like Websitebroker, Flippa, Sedo, and GoDaddy. Learn more about flipping website here.

Flipping Domains is similar to website flipping but requires you to have a knowledge in keyword research if you plan to be successful. Don’t let that scare you because domain flipping is a very profitable business model that can earn you a boatload of money if done right. Besides keyword research is something that you can learn pretty easily in a short period of time! More on the matter here.

Forgot to tell you what domain flipping is, can you believe it! Well, domain flipping is when you buy a domain name from sites like GoDaddy and you resell them for sometimes a 1000x more than you bought it if you are lucky.


Selling Your Soul And Left Butt To Make Money

Sell Crafts On Etsy– Etsy is one of the largest handmade crafts marketplaces online that you can use to start selling online today. If you have an eye for creativity or you just love making crafts then you might consider selling them on Etsy. Some of the best selling items and categories on Etsy are home decor items, handmade jewelry, handmade soap, handmade wall hangings, and so much more.

Selling Lesson Plans– So if you are a teacher, tutor, professor or you just love coming up with organized lesson plans, you can actually sell your efforts online. Selling lesson plans are one of the many ways to make money online, in fact, teachers are making millions of dollars online just from this single method.

You can sell your plans on sites like Tes, Edgegalaxy, Teachers Pay Teachers, Teachers Notebook, and Educents.

Selling t-shirts– Sites like Zazzle, Cafepress, Teespring, and redbubble are some of the well-known places online that lets you use their platform free of charge to create and sell t-shirts for a profit. Once you signup, you can start creating and adding awesome designs to t-shirts, list your price and start promoting using social media platforms.

You don’t have to worry about shipping, inventory, payments or even starting fees. These companies take care of everything for you, your only job is to come up with awesome designs, create and sell then you get paid a percentage.

Selling Your Old Stuff– You would be surprised to find that there are soo many things lying around in your home that you can actually sell online today! People all around the world are using free sites like facebook marketplace, eBay, Bonanza, (Bonanza is my favorite) to sell their old clothes, shoes, bags, electronics, and a lot of other very odd things that would be really awkward to name right now.

65 Sites To Sell Your Old Stuff Through

Selling Photos– if you love taking photos, why not get paid for it? Yes, you are not going to get rich using this method but you can earn passive income by selling your images on sites like Shutterstock, iStockPhoto, Photomoolah, and FineArtAmerica. Learn more about selling photos online here.

Selling Used Books Online– This one is actually my favorite because you can make a living out of selling used books to sites like Amazon, BookScouter, Powellsbooks, and Sellbackyourbooks. Selling used textbooks online is not a new trend, people have been using this method to generate thousands of dollars every single month. More on the low down dirty scheme here.

Creating And Selling Courses– This business model is one of the best ways to make money online today! Tons of bloggers are earning hundreds of thousands of dollars by simply creating digital products like e-books, courses, printables, informational pdf and access to private libraries.

If you have knowledge in something that can help someone solve a problem, you can create digital products and sell them using sites like, Gumroad, Teachable, Udemy, Send owl, Thinkific, Digital chalk and e-junkie. Learn more about creating courses here.

Reselling Ebooks– Now this one is similar to selling used books online but completely different at the same time (lame joke)! So what the heck is reselling e-book? Simply, you buy digital e-books with 100% resell rights from sites like e-book junkie and Buyqualityplr which you would edit and resell them on sites like eBay, Amazon Kdp.


 Other Ways To Make Money Online Fast!

Trading– Is one way to earn big and fast online, that said, online stock trading is very risky therefore, you need to do your homework before even considering using this method to generate income. With trading online, you need to be ready to invest usually around $250 to $500 dollars upfront which you can use to buy and sell stocks.

In a nutshell, online trading is buying and selling financial products through an online trading platform which are normally provided by internet-based stockbrokers. Read this post here to learn more about trading and some of the best trading sites to use.

Gambling- I like the sound of that Caching! Can you honestly tell me that you have never thought of taking a trip to Vegas? I mean, who doesn’t like gambling? No, I am not only talking about playing poker, gin, and rummy blackjack, I am talking about playing the slots, Russian roulette, scratch and win, buying lottery tickets and winning prizes!

As much as all of the above sound like something I could possibly drop dead for right now, I want you to be careful when thinking of online gambling and please don’t ever invest what you cant afford to lose. After all, your goal is to make money not spend it!

There are tons of gambling sites out there but some of the ones I have used and recommend are Jackpot.com, and Lottery.

Click Now!
Match Betting- So if you haven’t heard of match betting on the internet then you’re probably living under a rock somewhere or time traveled to the year 1900! Okay so enough with the smart mouthing I know you got better things to do with your time!

According To Savethestudent “Matched betting is a technique that allows you to mathematically guarantee a profit from the many free bet promotions offered by bookmakers. All the bookies advertise these offers (especially during big sporting events) to entice new customers to place bets with them.” I urge you to read the whole post here to get a better understanding.

Investing In Stocks- Investing in stocks means buying and holding shares for an extended period of time, while trading refers to buying and then quickly selling for a profit. This model requires that you watch the markets to see if your investment is increasing or decreasing. Usually, when it is on the high you would want to sell and make a profit. To learn more go here.

Bitcoin- Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and worldwide online payment system. It is the first decentralized digital currency and a system that works without a central bank or single administrator.

Bitcoins investing is a fairly new method of making money online, there are two ways to make money online with bitcoins, one, you could invest in bitcoins and sell it when the price rises or you can complete certain tasks online to earn bitcoins and then exchange it for fiat currency (our money in the real world)

Some of the sites I recommend you use to earn bitcoins are bitcoin get, and bt-conity. Learn more about earning free bitcoins here and here.

Steemit– Steemit is a social network /blogging platform that is similar to Reddit but with a huge difference. So what does this have to do with making money? Well, Steemit pays both curators on content creators for putting out content on a regular basis. People can upvote you post with Steemit currency which you can later redeem for real money.

You can also earn on Steemit when you upvote other people’s content and comment on them. It is free to get started with Steemit but there is a painless approval process that you need to go through. You can signup here: steemit@lifestylingspace.


Extremely Powerful Ways To Earn Money Online

Amazon FBA– Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a huge online business model that is growing more and more every single day. People are making thousands of dollars every month just from Amazon FBA but keep in mind that this method requires a learning curve in order to be successful.

So what is Amazon FBA? Well, in a nutshell, Amazon FBA is when you sell your products through Amazon, they take care of packaging, shipping, and payments and you get paid your profit after the fact. Learn more from the pros here.

Drop shipping is a very profitable business model that is highly saturated but still a very great way to start making money online. Similar to e-commerce, dropshipping is when you find products on sites like Amazon and Aliexpress then you resell it in your online store for a profit without ever touching or seeing the product.

The way it works is that you open up a store on sites like Shopify or WordPress, next you would find really cheap products on Aliexpress which you would recreate higher priced listings for on your site and drive customers to.

Once someone comes to your store and purchases an item, you would then go and buy that product from Aliexpress and enter your customer’s details so that it is shipped directly from Aliexpress to your buyer. The only problem with this business model is generating traffic and Shopify fees. Learn more about drop shipping here.

E-commerce– online e-commerce is a very popular way to make money online, there are e-commerce stores everywhere you turn online but don’t let that distract you from the fact that brands and small business owners are raking in millions of dollars just from e-commerce.

Yes, it is highly competitive and highly saturated but with good SEO practice and upfront investment on an advertisement, you can make money with e-commerce. Know more about the e-com here!

Retail arbitrage– is an awesome way to start making money fast online, here’s how it works, you go on sites like Amazon or Aliexpress, you find very low priced items and purchase them. Next, you would list them on sites like eBay for a higher fee, so this is online.

Offline, you would buy stuff from dollar stores and resell them on Amazon or eBay for like$10-20 bucks, you see where I am going with this? There is a money making potential with retail arbitrage and you don’t even need a boatload of cash to start! Learn more here.

Coaching-according to Forbes, the online coaching industry is raking in over a billion dollars per year by people like you and me, you don’t even need to be a professional to start making money online from coaching people.

All you need is a little knowledge and skill in a particular field to start your own online coaching business. You would be surprised to find how many people are new to online marketing and for the life of them, can’t find their way around. Learn more about starting your own coaching business here.

SEO Management– if you are great with search engine optimization (SEO) then you are in luck because there is actually a huge demand online for SEO managers. If you would like to learn more about this business model, I urge you to read this article here. Heck, don’t just read it, eat it!

Social Media Management– is when you are employed or contracted to manage a social profile for a brand or a business. Your job could be to gain followers for the account or engage with customers, create graphics, create content e.t.c.

If you are great with social media, you can use sites like freelancer, up work, people per hour and Fiverr to land gigs and make money just by managing other people’s social accounts. There are tons of businesses online looking for experienced social media managers so there is money to be made in this niche.

Teaching– Did you know that there are companies willing to pay you to teach online? Yes, there are tons of sites online willing to give you top dollars for your time, people are making a lot of money and landing full-time careers from teaching online.

If you can read this blog post without a problem and find some of my all too common grammar mistakes then you are eligible to land a teaching job online! You see, most of these sites will pay you up to $25 dollars per hour to teach English to Japanese and Chinese kids. If you want to learn more about how to get started, go here.

Building Websites– did you know that you can actually make money online by building and selling websites? Yes, with a little bit of research, SEO knowledge and startup fees you can be well on your way to building and selling niche websites as soon as tomorrow! Learn More Here.

Building Apps– Now I know for a fact that people are making money from developing apps and using adds to generate revenue online. You don’t need to have a degree in computer science or have knowledge in coding to create an app so don’t be all like ” I DON’T KNOW JACK ABOUT CREATING APPS!”

There are software’s out there that will create your apps for you, to learn more about this business model, you need to read this post cause if I write another word on this subject, I would be lying!

Amazon Merch-is a free service for developers and graphic designers. It is so simple to get started with Amazon merch due to the zero upfront investment. Similar to Zazzle and tee-spring, Amazon merch allows you to upload your unique designs which you can add to t-shirts and Amazon will take care of the printing, packaging, shipping and selling process for you.

There is no risk or out-of-pocket cost to you. Simply set up your Merch by Amazon account, upload the artwork for your t-shirt, and push submit. Amazon takes care of the rest. With Merch by Amazon, you can give your players a fun new way to interact with your brand and help take your fans to the next level. Learn more here.

Offering Services– Offering your services online through your blog, social media profile or youtube channel is a great way to start making money fast online. Coaching services, social media management services are some of the most sought after and high paying qualifications business owners are constantly in need of.

Other places to market your services are sites like Fiverrfreelancer, up work, guru, and people per hour.


Less Stressful Ways To Make Money Online

Surveys- are really awesome when you are looking for ways to make money online, by joining up to 10 survey sites and completing as many surveys as you can, you will be able to make at least $100 per week. Now be careful, some of these sites are actually scams, so you need to join the right ones or else, your hard work will turn to mess!

Some of the legitimate survey sites I recommend are Pinecone research, Vindale research, Swagbucks surveys, and Mysurvey.

Listening To Music- yes you can actually get paid to listen to music online and no you will not get rich from doing it but at the end of the day, it all adds up. Some of the sites that I know of that you can earn a few extra bucks per week are slice the pie, musicxray, inbox dollars, Fushioncash and hit predictor.

Watching Videos- theworkathomewife one of the best posts I have read in a while on watching videos to make money online is from a post by. She goes into details on which sites are legitimate and can help you earn a few extra bucks just from watching videos online.

User Testing- is another great way to earn some money on the side, there are sites that will pay up to $30 dollars per site but those kinds of sites look for tier 1 participants. That said, most sites pay up to $15 per each site that you test out and submit your feedback.

With user testing, you are paid to view sites and submit your personal evaluation, the business pays these companies to gather data on how their visitors view and interact with their sites and products, these sites then hire people like you and me to gather this data. More

Virtual Assistant- virtual assistant (VA) is a person who provides support services to other businesses from a remote location. This is like a real job only, it is done online from anywhere in the world. If you have knowledge in any of the following fields below then you can become a virtual assistant.

As a virtual assistant, you are paid to complete an administrative task like answering phone calls, transcribing social media management, bookkeeping, online research, create presentations, manage emails, scheduling and so much more.

You can find jobs on sites like freelancer, people per hour, task rabbit, craigslist, VA networking, Zirtual, Hire my mom and WAHM.

Freelance Writing– Freelance writing simply means writing for money from anywhere in the world with no binding contract between you and a company or an employer.

You bid on writing jobs on sites like Fiverrfreelancer and up work which pays you a fixed fee to create a certain amount of words per article. Once completed you get paid straight into your bank account. There are tons of freelance writers from all walks of life making a full time living from writing articles.

Transcription Services- a transcriber is someone who is hired to write down what someone else has said or is saying. For example, you create a podcast, a youtube video or an audio recording and you want to turn it into an e-book, article or a blog post.

This is where transcribers come into play, you would hire or work as one on sites like transcribeMe, gotranscript and waywithwordjobs.

Data Entry- has always been a good way to earn an extra income online for so many years now but the problem with this money making method is the fact that there are so many sites out there scamming people!

If you are great with typing, you can make a good income with data entry using sites like 2Captcha, ClickWorkerOneSpace and Indeed.

Conclusion On Ways To Make Money Online

There are tons of ways to make money online but these are the ones I could come up with, for now, each of these methods work but your job is to find one and stick with it. There is money to be made online but most people give up too soon so your job is not to give up! Whichever of these methods you choose, try your best to make it work!

So these are the 50 different ways to make money online! Did I miss any? Please let me know in the comments and maybe I will just steal them for my next post.

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50 Powerful Ways To Make Money Online In 2018 And Beyond|Ways to make money online|make money online|make money from home|work from home|make money online for teens|how to make money online|make money fast|make money with surveys|make money</div


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