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Today we will be covering the 27 most popular niches on pinterest and how you can optimize your boards and profiles to get the most out of it all. Get ready to be blown away by this monster list, I was also shocked to find out that people are highly interested in to pics like these so grab a cup of coffee, bottle of beer or a shot of whis…lol just kidding and let’s get this party started!

27 most popular niches on pinterest27 Most Popular Niches On Pinterest

So after all is said and done, pinterest is what it is, a traffic machine! And trust me I am not exaggerating, if you know how to use this platform the right way, you will be able to drive thousands upon thousand of visitors to your blog, products and offers before you can say jack!

Below is the list of all the categories on pinterest and it’s amount of followers, please note that I have omitted some of the categories that were under 4 million followers because I wanted to keep this list relevant to its title 27 most popular niches on pinterest.

  1. Home Decor- 60.5 Million Followers

2. Art- 54 Million Followers

3. Travel- 52 Million Followers

4. Photography- 47.1 Million Followers

5. DIY & Crafts- 45 Million Followers

6. Design- 44 Million Followers

7. Technology- 38 Million Followers

8. Quotes- 35 Million Followers

9. Food & Drink- 31 Million Followers

10. Humor- 29 Million Followers

11. Gardening- 27.2 Million Followers

12. Tattoos- 27 Million Followers

13. Animals- 25 Million Followers

14. Education- 24 Million Followers

15. Hair & Beauty- 21 Million Followers

16. Health & Fitness- 21 Million Followers

17. Architecture- 20 Million Followers

18. History- 20 Million Followers

19. Celebrities 16.5 Million Followers

20. Kids & Parenting- 14 Million Followers

21. Men’s Fashion- 11.1 Million Followers

22. Weddings- 10.2 Million Followers

23. Geek- 6.9 Million Followers

24. Women’s Fashion- 5.8 Million Followers

25. Birthdays- 4.8 Million Followers

26. Christmas- 4.7 Million Followers

27. Outdoors- 4.4 Million Followers

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27 most popular niches on pinterest


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